Louisiana Supreme Court dismisses appeal in abortion ban case


Baton Rouge, La. , louisiana The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed an appeal filed by plaintiffs in an ongoing legal battle over the state’s abortion ban, allowing the ban to remain in effect.

The plaintiff’s lawyers in the case confirmed the court’s decision.

“While it is disappointing that four out of seven judges, without any written explanation, issued a decision that would effectively deny critical care to women throughout Louisiana, the trial continues and we believe we can make meaningful change. can affect,” Joanna Wright, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said Friday afternoon.

The ruling dealt a major blow to abortion-rights advocates and providers who had hoped the ban would be blocked for a third time, allowing three Louisiana abortion clinics to start procedures again.

Since the US Supreme Court’s decision to end constitutional protections for abortion in June, access to abortion has fluctuated as three of the state’s clinics relied on regulations and temporary restraining orders allowing them to continue operating. Got it.

The plaintiffs challenging the ban do not deny that the state can now prohibit abortions, but they argue that the law’s provisions are contradictory and unconstitutionally vague.

On July 21, state Judge Donald Johnson issued a preliminary injunction that allowed clinics to continue providing abortions while the trial over the ban continues in court. But, eight days later, the process stalled when a state appeals court ruled in favor of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, granted a “suspension” appeal and ordered Johnson to reinstate enforcement of the ban.

The plaintiffs appealed the First Circuit Court’s decision to the Louisiana Supreme Court but were unsuccessful.


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