A person held the whole bank hostage at gunpoint, slogans were raised outside in support, why did the accused become a hero? , Lebanon Bassam Al-Sheikh Hussein Bank staff held hostage to access savings for father’s medical care


Held hostage for seven hours

A gunman who held 10 people hostage at a Lebanese bank surrendered to police on Thursday after a seven-hour standoff, and best of all, no one was injured, according to reports. happened The suspect who held the bank hostage is Basam Al-Sheikh Hussain, who works as a food delivery driver and said he had to get his father treated, which is why he took this step. Bassam Al-Sheikh Hussain said he had to withdraw money from the bank to pay his father’s medical bills, which were significant.

How to take a mortgage to the bank

How to take a mortgage to the bank

On Thursday, 42-year-old Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein entered a federal bank branch in Beirut with a shotgun and a jerrycan of gasoline and took several bank employees hostage, according to the report. Along with this, Basam Al-Sheikh Hussain’s family says that 2 lakh 10 thousand dollars are deposited in his account but the bankers were harassing him to give his money. According to the report, after entering the shop, accused Basam Al-Sheikh Hussain took seven-eight employees of the bank hostage and in the meantime also took hostage two customers present in the bank. Along with this, a security officer said that the accused had sprinkled petrol all over the bank while threatening to set the bank on fire.

The accused was unable to withdraw the money from the bank

The accused was unable to withdraw the money from the bank

Let us tell you that Lebanon is going through a serious economic crisis and the country is going through the worst period in modern history. Supplies of essential commodities have run low in the country, while the depreciation of the local currency has forced banks to impose strict restrictions on withdrawals. Along with this, people who had deposited their hard earned money in the bank, their money is also stuck and people are not withdrawing money from the bank even for needful activities. Along with this, the transfer of money abroad has also been banned in Lebanon. Along with this, lawyer Abu Zaur, who is fighting the case in support of the accused gunman, said, ‘In this financial crisis, we are not able to withdraw money from the bank and have made a hundred rules for withdrawing money and this is it. The failure of the state, but the common people have to bear the brunt of the government’s mistake. He said that even for a small amount, people have to stand in front of the banks for hours and it is as if people are standing to beg. He said that now people have started taking matters into their own hands.

People call the gunman a hero

Along with this, this gunman has now been made a hero by the people of the country and when the accused Hussain was inside the bank and when he was holding people hostage, there was a crowd of thousands of people standing outside the bank. Slogans were being raised in support of Along with this, people are calling accused Hussain a hero. At the same time, the accused’s brother said, “My brother is not a bad man, he is a good person.” Meanwhile, Hussain’s brother Atif said that he had gone to the bank to collect his hard earned money. Wife Mariam Chehdi told reporters outside the bank that her husband “did what he had to do.” After hours of negotiations, Hussain’s lawyer said that, after receiving $35,000 from his savings, he had turned himself in to police.

Such events are happening now in Lebanon

At the same time, George Al-Hajj, head of the Lebanese Bank Employees Union, said that “these kinds of incidents keep happening and we need a strong solution.” “Depositors want their money and unfortunately their anger is venting on bank employees as they are unable to reach management,” he said. Let us tell you that concerns are being expressed about Lebanon that this country may still fall into another dangerous crisis.


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