African-American actress dies in London, leaves multimillion-dollar estate to fellow actress in her will Anna Karenina dies of BBC EastEnders star Sophie to receive millions



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Published: Sunday, August 21, 2022, 23:43 [IST]

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London, August 21:
After the death of the 85-year-old actress Anna Karen, her co-star Sophie Lawrence (50) will get a property worth crores. Anna and Sophie worked together on the BBC program from 1988 to 1991. Sophie plays Diane Butcher. Sophie’s family said on Anna Karen’s death, they were horrified to learn of the tragic death.

Death of Anna Karen

Anna Karen (right) left a fortune worth Rs 4 crore to co-star Sophie (Photo courtesy:

Actress Sophie Lawrence

British actress Anna Karen is best remembered for her memorable role in On the Buses. Anna Karen became very popular with On the Buses and attracted the attention of millions. Anna Karen played Olive in 74 episodes of the show On the Buses in the 70s. She also played Peggy Mitchell’s sister, Aunt Sal. Reports after Anna’s death stated that her estate of around 4 lakh pounds (about Rs. 4 crore) would be given to fellow actor English actress Sophie Lawrence. Sophie appeared in BBC shows from 1988 to 1991.

Damage to the ground floor

Following Anna Karen’s death, a London Fire Brigade official said: “A woman has tragically died following a house fire in Windsor Road, Ilford. After Anna Karen was identified, the fire brigade confirmed her death. Anna Karen’s residence was a mid-roof house, the statement said. The fire destroyed the lower part of Anna’s house.

The terrible fire was extinguished with hard work

According to the fire brigade, a woman died painfully. He was declared dead on the spot. After being called out in the night, the London Fire Brigade brought the fire under control after much difficulty. About 20 fire fighters and three vehicles were pressed into service to douse the fire. The cause of the fire is being investigated. Firefighters from Barking Fire Station and Ilford worked hard to get the blaze under control.

Sleeping after smoking, the house caught fire

Anna Karen left most of her £400,000 (£400,000) deal for co-star Sophie Lawrence, the Mirror reports. Actress Anna Karen, who played Olive Rudge in the ITV transport sitcom between 1969 and 1973, died in a fire at her home in Ilford earlier this year. According to reports, Anna’s home in East London was gutted by fire in February. Neighbors believe that the fire started due to sleeping while smoking. “Anna Karen was apparently in bed at the time of the fire. She is believed to have fallen asleep after smoking,” The Sun reported earlier this year, citing a source.

Four crore rupees to the fellow artist

According to Shane Collins, Anna Karen’s agent, they do not know whether the cause of the fire was an electrical fault or Anna’s smoking. According to the report, Anna was living in London since the age of 17. More than £4.2 million (£420,000) of his fortune will go to close friend Sophie Lawrence. According to a report by MailOnline, after paying Anna’s funeral and legal costs, inheritance tax and £1,500 to another friend, Sophie Lawrence will receive 65 per cent of Anna’s net worth, reports the Mirror.

The step daughter will also get a share of the property

According to Anna’s will, a fifth of the estate will reportedly go to her stepdaughter Gloria Gill. Gloria was born after her marriage to actor husband Terry Duggan. Terry Duggan died in 2008. Eighth will go to four other friends or relatives. The final 2.5 percent will be left for Anna Karen’s Benevolent Fund (Actresses’ Benevolent Fund).

Struggling to pay drama school fees

Sophie was born in Ilford, South Africa. After ending his career in daily soaps he ventured into music work. A 1991 cover version of Donna Summer’s 1977 song Love’s Unkind marked a milestone in Anna Karen’s career. The song peaked at number 21 in the UK Singles Chart after 14 years. Born in South Africa, Anna also worked as a striptease artist to pay for drama school fees.

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English summary

Anna Karenina killed BBC EastEnders star Sophie to earn millions

First story published: Sunday, August 21, 2022, 23:43 [IST]


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