Anjali Arora dressed like this and waved the tricolor, now after the MMS leak, this is how trolled Anjali Arora wearing bold clothes and hosting the Indian national flag got trolled after the MMS leak.


Farahia in tricolor revealing dress

Now a recent video of Anjali Arora has surfaced in which she is seen hoisting the tricolor on Independence Day. People are trolling Anjali for the dress she has worn in this video. Let us tell you that in the video, Anjali Arora is seen in a white color crop top and low waist jeans. After the video went viral, people are saying that Anjali Arora should not have worn such clothes with the tricolor in her hand. They were supposed to wear ethnic clothes indulging in the spirit of patriotism while respecting the tricolor.

‘I am not showing the tricolor myself’

This video of Anjali Arora holding the tricolor in her hand is going viral on social media. People are trolling him. Commenting on this video, a social media user has written – she is not showing herself with the tricolor. Along with this, another user wrote – this is an insult to the Indian national flag. It was a spectacle.

MMS video is going viral

MMS video is going viral

Anjali Arora became emotional while talking to the media after the MMS leak. She started crying. He said while crying- sometimes when I see all this I think why people are doing this. Why the video is going viral I am not there. Useless stuff is put on YouTube just for views. People are saying that this is Anjali Arora’s MMS. At the same time it is

Anjali has complained to the police

Anjali has complained to the police

Anjali had said in the interview that you are playing with someone’s dignity, you should be ashamed. What would you do if this happened to your mother or your sister? Anjali said that she can tolerate criticism about her work but it is not right for anyone to spread such things. He further said that Akash, parents, brothers have all lodged a complaint in the cyber cell as all this has become unbearable now.

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Anjali took the money from the hotel receptionist.

People are calling the girl in the leaked MMS as Anjali Arora, but this is not true at all. Meanwhile, Anjali Arora’s video is once again in discussion, in which she had mentioned the case in Russia, in which she accepted the party talk with the hotel receptionist for money.


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