Anjali Arora told her truth, said – that night the Russian boy’s offer was accepted for money. When Anjali Arora revealed her truth, she said that the Russian boy’s offer for money was accepted that night.


The money was taken from the hotel receptionist

People are calling the girl in this MMS as Anjali Arora, but this is not true at all. Meanwhile, Anjali Arora’s video is once again in discussion, in which she had mentioned the case in Russia, in which she accepted the party talk with the hotel receptionist for money.

Anjali Arora narrated the story of Russia

Anjali Arora narrated the story of Russia

To keep herself safe in the famous reality show ‘Lock Up’ she had to share her secret with the whole world and then Anjali Arora shared her secret story with everyone on national television. Anjali had said – I went to Russia in December. I have not had any relationship till date, nothing has happened. It was just a stretch with the receptionist. I took 5000 rubles from the receptionist. There was a party on Saturday night and he offered me to that party.

We had a great party last night

After this, Anjali continued – I only wanted money that day, so I asked for it and he also gave it. Then at night we went to a party. Neither my friends nor my family know about it. I don’t know what my parents will say when they see it, will they judge.’ Anjali saved herself by sharing her black secret with the world in this show.

MMS video is going viral

Along with this, Anjali Arora became emotional while talking to the media after the MMS leak. She started crying. He said while crying- sometimes when I see all this I think why people are doing this. Why is the video going so viral that I am not there. Useless stuff is put on YouTube just for views. People are saying that this is Anjali Arora’s MMS. At the same time it is

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Anjali has complained to the police

Anjali had said in the interview that you are playing with someone’s dignity, you should be ashamed. What would you do if this happened to your mother or your sister? Anjali said that she can tolerate criticism about her work but it is not right for anyone to spread such things. He further said that Akash, parents, brothers have all filed a complaint in the cyber cell as all this has become unbearable now.


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