Heard the sound of ‘Om’ in the sound of a black hole? NASA made a record, what did you hear? nasa black hole sound om Hearing this, people said it is om


NASA said that it is the sound of vibration

The assumption that there is no sound in space was wrong, as the galaxy is empty, NASA tweeted. This leaves no path for sound waves to travel through. A galaxy cluster has so much gas that we’ve captured the original sound. Here is the sound of the black hole amplified and mixed with other data. NASA said that this sound is a vibration that is very scary to hear.

Some users felt the sound of Om

People have heard Om in the sound of black holes released by NASA. Many people retweeted the NASA video and wrote that Om’s voice resonates in space. A user has written that science is behind Hindu sages. What science has discovered today was discovered by sages long ago. Right there. Another user wrote that Om is an eternal sound. It exists everywhere in the universe.

Such success

Such success

In 2003, black holes were first associated with sound and used as a case study. The scientists then found that the pressure created by the black hole creates waves in the cluster’s hot gas. However, this sound was so low that humans could not hear it. Scientists changed this through the sonification of astronomical data.

This black hole is in the Perseus galaxy

This black hole is in the Perseus galaxy

NASA said that this black hole is present in the Perseus galaxy cluster. The galaxy itself is 11 million light years across. It contains many groups of hot gases. It is itself a large cloud of gases.


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