How much India has changed in 75 years… Petrol 25 paise, gold only 88 rupees, journey from 1947 till now. How India has changed in 75 years, compare petrol, gold, milk price from 1947 to 2022, fuel at 25 paise, gold at 88


The country is safe in the midst of recession

There is a risk of recession all over the world but Bloomberg and SBI Research in their latest report have kept India away from the risk of recession. Morgan Stanley has given good signs for India in its report. In his report, he has described India as the strongest economy in Asia in the year 2022-23.

How much India has changed since 1947

How much India has changed since 1947

Amidst the celebrations of 75 years of independence, if we look back, we have come a long way on the inflation front. Especially if we compare the prices of things like milk, petrol, ration, gold, inflation has increased many times. If you compare the prices of some commodities in 1947 and 2022, you will be teary eyed to see the old prices. Let’s see at what price gold, petrol, milk etc was selling in 1947…

Gold in only 88 rupees

Gold in only 88 rupees


Price in 1947

Price in 2022

the rice

12 paise

40 Rs


40 paise per kg

42 rupees per kg

the milk

12 paise per liter

60 rupees per liter


25 paise per liter

97 per liter is Rs


88 Rs

52000 Rs


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