August 13, 2022

Dating 30-year-old Mandeep

A video of an Indian woman recorded before committing suicide in America has gone viral. After the video went viral, people’s anger flared up. In a video, 30-year-old Mandeep Kaur details the abuse she suffered. UP Police has registered a complaint based on the video that went viral after Mandeep’s death and the complaint of the victim’s family.

Video on Instagram before suicide

Video on Instagram before suicide

According to media reports, the reason for suicide of an Indian-origin woman in New York is “only giving birth to daughters”. 30-year-old Mandeep Kaur had shared a video on Instagram before committing suicide. In the video, Mandeep says, “I put up with it all, hoping that one day he will improve his behavior.”

It's been eight years... Can't bear this beating anymore

It’s been eight years… Can’t bear this beating anymore

In an emotional video, Mandeep says, “Dad, I’m going to die, I’m sorry. It’s been eight years… I can’t bear the daily beating anymore, she said. Mandeep is a mother of two daughters. C. The daughters are aged 6 and 4. She also accused her husband and in-laws of “forcing” her to commit suicide while speaking in Punjabi.

Family complaint after daughter's death

Family complaint after daughter’s death

According to media reports, Mandeep died on August 4. “We want Mandeep’s daughters to be safe now,” said Mandeep’s family in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor. He is still with his father. Mandeep’s father Jaspal Singh has registered a case of incitement to suicide with the UP Police. He said that the relatives present in New York are taking the matter forward with the police.

Ranjodhbir was a truck driver in America

According to NDTV report, Mandeep and Ranjodhbir Singh Sandhu live in different villages of Bijnor, UP. Both of them got married in 2015. The family said that Ranjodhbir used to work as a truck driver in America. After three years, Mandeep also went to America. There has been no reaction from husband Ranjodhbir or his family about Mandeep’s death yet. Some relatives live in India. There is no information about any legal action against him.

Daughters request, don’t kill mother

Many videos of Mandeep’s abuse have gone viral. In one of these the daughters can be heard shouting: “Papa, na maro mamma nu (Dad, don’t kill mother). In the second video, video was recorded from a security camera inside the house. Mandeep tries to protest. Says – she will not tolerate any more beatings, but Ranjodhbir continues to beat her till he apologizes.

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