Indian plane sinks near Pakistan’s Gwadar, Pakistan Navy rescues 9 crew members Pakistan Navy rescued nine crew members of Indian ship Jamna Sagar which sank in Arabian Sea near Gwadar.


The ship was sunk

According to a Pakistan Navy spokesperson, the Pakistan Maritime Information Center received a relief and rescue call from the Jamna Sea, requesting rescue and sinking of the ship, after which members of the Pakistan Navy arrived to rescue the crew. . The ship that sank in the Arabian Sea was a merchant ship named Jamna Sagar and got stuck in the sea and the nearby Pakistan Army was approached for relief and rescue from the side of the ship. According to the report, the crew members of the Jamna Sagar have been rescued by the ship MT Krubekke.

Helicopter rescue operations

Helicopter rescue operations

According to the report, after rescuing the 9 crew members, the MT Crewebeck departed for its next destination Dubai, where all the passengers were evacuated safely. According to the report, after receiving a rescue request, two Pakistan Army helicopters flying nearby rushed to the spot for rescue and a Pakistan Navy aircraft also reached the spot, which recovered the body of one of the crew members. who went missing after the sinking of the ship. Along with this, the dead body was handed over by the Pakistan Navy to the officials of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency for further action. Along with this, the Pakistani media has claimed that the dead body will be handed over to India after necessary paperwork. Along with this, Pakistan has also contacted India in this regard.

How did the merchant ship sink?

Also, it is not yet known how the Indian merchant ship sank in the Arabian Sea near Pakistan’s Gwadar port. This matter will now be known only after questioning the rest of the crew members. However, the Pakistan Meteorological Department says that at the time the Indian commercial aircraft crashed, the sea weather was good and the sea waves were normal. So now it has become necessary to know how India’s trade sank into the sea?


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