Karnataka: BJP Ministers want to see Siddaramaiah as Chief Minister again, said – not afraid to make a statement, not a slave to anyone. Karnataka BJP Minister Siddaramaiah wants to become Chief Minister again, not a slave to making statements



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Published: Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 14:35 [IST]

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Bangalore, August 17: Another embarrassing news for BJP has come from Karnataka. Senior minister B Sriramulu has given a statement against the party on Tuesday. He said that he also wants to see former Congress Chief Minister Siddaramaiah as the Chief Minister of the state again like others.

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah

Inaugurating the hostel, Transport Minister B Sriramulu said that we criticize each other only for political reasons and there is nothing personal. we are good friends I am not afraid to make this statement because I am nobody’s slave.

Helped Siddaramaiah win

He said ask Siddaramaiah with whose help he won the seat. He can’t share it publicly but will speak behind closed doors. The minister claimed that he and Siddaramaiah are fighting for the interests of backward communities. I am not against Kuruba community or Siddaramaiah. One day Siddaramaiah and I will be on the same stage. I am sure that Siddaramaiah also wants to see me as Chief Minister one day. He said that I have said this in the presence of Siddaramaiah that he will soon become the Chief Minister of Karnataka again.

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English summary

BJP minister of Karnataka wants Siddaramaiah to become the chief minister again, said I am not a slave to give statements

First story published: Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 14:35 [IST]


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