Millions of idols of Goddess Parvati, stolen 50 years ago, have now been found in New York. The idol of Parvati, stolen 50 years ago, worth crores of rupees was found in New York


Theft that happened 50 years ago, FIR registered in 2019

The Tamil Nadu Idol Wing Criminal Investigation Department was formed to search for these idols. CID said the statue was found at Bonhommes auction house in New York. The complaint of theft of these idols was filed almost 50 years ago and the first FIR in this regard was filed by K Vasu in February 2019. The matter was under consideration since then. But recently when Inspector M Chitra of Idol Wing started investigating the case and started searching for idols of Chola dynasty.

Millions of idols

Millions of idols

M. Chitra began scouring various museums and auction houses abroad to find the idols. After a long search, Chitra found these sculptures at Bonhommes auction house. This copper idol belongs to the 12th century of the Chola period. The statue is 52 cm tall, if we talk about its total estimated value, it is more than Rs 1.5 crore. It has been told by Idol Wing that the total cost of the idol is 212575 dollars i.e. 16826143 rupees.

The beautiful idol will return

The beautiful idol will return

Talking about Goddess Parvati, she is also known as Goddess Uma. An idol of Goddess Uma is commonly installed in South India. Goddess Parvati also has a crown on her head, called the Karanda crown, and pearl necklaces are also adorned on the crown. Apart from this, there are also ornaments in the neck. He has a lotus flower in his hand. Adorned with necklaces around the neck, bands in the hands and a beautiful brass dress.

More than 200 idols were brought back

Idol Wing CID DGP Jayant Murali said that our team has prepared the papers to bring back the idols. Let us tell you that for the last few years, the Narendra Modi government has been trying to bring back the stolen idols from India. Since 2014, more than 200 idols have been brought back to India from abroad, which were stolen at one point or another.


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