OMG! In Bihar, two wives’ ‘riot’ for ‘Foreign Saia’, raining slippers and bribes on the police who came to rescue Two wives riot for the husband who returned from abroad in Bihar’s Jamui



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Published: Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 19:31 [IST]

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New Delhi, August 23 The relationship between husband and wife is a loving feeling, but when there is a third person in between, the situation is reversed. Something similar happened to a person who returned home from abroad in Bihar’s Jamui. When there was a fierce quarrel between his two wives. As soon as he came home, that person was greeted in a way that he could hardly forget in his life. Meanwhile, women themselves also looked helpless in the riots. The angry women kicked the police and attacked them with slippers.

Bihar Jamui case

The person remarried in the presence of his first wife.
Asghar, a resident of Mehsauri in Jamui district of Bihar, has two wives. The name of the first wife is Nasreen Parveen and the name of the second is Neha Parveen. Asghar was first married to Nasreen, with whom he has two children. After a few years of marriage, Asgar fell in love with Neha Parveen. Both got married without Nasreen’s consent. After his second marriage, Asgar went abroad for a job.

A person who returned home abroad
As Asgar went abroad, Neha Parveen moved to her maternal home in Asansol. Meanwhile, everything was quiet. When Asghar was planning to return home from abroad. But his second wife Neha Parveen was not aware of this. As soon as Asghar returned home from abroad, Neha Neha Parveen along with Asansol Police and Jamui Police reached Asghar’s house on Sunday evening.

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There was a fierce quarrel between the two wives
When Asghar’s two wives gathered at the in-laws house, there was a lot of commotion. At first there was an argument, then both of them clashed. Meanwhile, the police kept trying to intervene. But both beat each other badly. Both women were kicked and punched in front of the Bihar and Bengal police. In fact, the police along with the Bihar Police had reached Jamui to take action on the complaint of Asghar’s second wife Neha Parveen from Asansol in West Bengal. Meanwhile, no one was daring to rescue the women after seeing their anger towards others. It is said that during the intervention of women in this high voltage drama, the police had to be kicked and slapped.

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English summary

In Bihar’s Jamui, two wives fight for their husband who has returned from abroad

Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 19:31 [IST]


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