Rashmika Mandaka will be seen in the role of Srivalli in Pushpa 2, fans said – make this character strong and effective. Rashmika Mandaka to play Srivalli in ‘Pushpa 2’, fans say – make this character strong and effective



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Published: Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 23:33 [IST]

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Mumbai, August 24:
Pushpa: The Rise was so loved by the audience that the audience is waiting for the scenes of this movie. Also, the wait for filmgoers from the south will soon be over as actress Rashmika Mandanna and actor Allu Arjun graced the shooting muhurat of Pushpa 2 on Monday. After which the director has started shooting for Pushpa: The Rule (Pushpa 2).


Allu Arjun was loved by the audience in Pushpa The Road, while Rashmika Mandanna impressed people with her portrayal of Srivalli. Rashmika Mandana shared a photo of Pooja commencing the shoot of Pushpa 2 after which pictures of Pooja’s ceremony are going viral on the internet, with the audience expressing their eagerness to watch the film in theaters soon.

Aloo Arjun will be seen again as Pushpa Raj in this film. The film production house has given an update about Pushpa 2. After which fans expected that Rashmika Mandana’s character Srivalli would be strengthened this time. Rashmi Mandana also reacted to the fan’s comment and wrote, I too hope it happens, let’s see, only time will tell when the film releases.

Pushpa: The Rise, an action entertainer directed by Sukumar, released in theaters on December 17, 2021, created a sensation at the box office. Along with this, it was being said a few months ago about Pushpa 2 that Rashmika Mandana’s character in the film ‘Srivalli’ will end. But the makers responded to the fans saying that nothing like that will happen. However, the makers of the film refused to say anything more about the story line of the film.

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Rashmika Mandaka to play Srivalli in ‘Pushpa 2’, fans say – make this character strong and effective

First story published: Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 23:33 [IST]


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