Russia has warned the US to confiscate assets, said – relations will end forever Russia has warned the US about confiscation of assets



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Published: Saturday, August 13, 2022, 16:32 [IST]

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Moscow, August 13: Russia has warned the US to seize assets. According to the card, the Russian Foreign Ministry said any possible US seizure of Russian assets would completely destroy Moscow’s bilateral relations with Washington. Relations between the two countries have deteriorated since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.


America has imposed many sanctions on Russia

After this, America imposed various economic, financial and diplomatic sanctions on Russia. It also contains about half of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves. Before February 24, its value was around 640 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, top Western officials, including EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, have suggested freezing assets to help rebuild Ukraine’s future. Meanwhile, Alexander Darchev of the Russian Foreign Ministry told Tash in an interview, “We warn the Americans of the harmful consequences of actions that will permanently damage bilateral relations, which are neither in their interests nor in their interests. Neither is in our interest.” However, it was not clear from Darchiv’s statement which properties he was referring to.

Seize the assets of Putin’s close friends

According to the Biden administration, the United States and its European allies have also frozen $30 billion in assets belonging to wealthy individuals with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, including boats, helicopters, real estate and art. Darchiv also said that Russia has warned the US that if Russia is declared a sponsor of terrorism, diplomatic relations will be severely damaged and even broken.

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English summary

Moscow warns of ending Russia-US relations if assets are seized – TASS

First story published: Saturday, August 13, 2022, 16:32 [IST]


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