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Took him to the dog

According to Hertfordshire resident Gemma McCarthy, she recently encountered a creature that resembled a ‘finned shark’ fish. She locked it in a box and then took it to her dog, but as soon as she opened the lid it flew away. He thought his dog would hunt him, but nothing happened.

'Looks like I'm from Jurassic Park'

‘Looks like I’m from Jurassic Park’

She said in the video that I can’t tell you if it’s like a shark with fins or the fattest butterfly. To some extent, it looks like a small bird, which flies quickly in the sky. Speaking to news website Daily Star, Gemma said it looked like a fish with fins. I have never seen anything like this. It looks like it came from Jurassic Park.

Cutting will not hurt

Cutting will not hurt

Gemma added that she later closed the doors when she heard he was a sex-seeking worm. She was persuading God that this strange creature should not breed in her house. Along with this, biologists said that these terrible-looking insects cannot bite during sex, and no one dies from their bite.

Scientists caught the 'sea monster', antenna-like wire on the headScientists caught the ‘sea monster’, antenna-like wire on the head

Age is too young

Age is too young

At the same time, an expert in this matter said that these large-sized insects do not harm humans. Adult insects exist only to fly and have sex. After this they die. Their life is very short. Apart from this, when the heat increased in Britain for some time, the incidents of their appearance also started to come out. However, it is not known which worm was in the woman’s hand.


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