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Updated: Sunday, July 3, 2022, 19:25 [IST]

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New Delhi, July 03: A bench of Supreme Court Justices Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala had slammed suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma for his remarks on Prophet Mohammad. The court had made it clear that Nupur Sharma’s statement was responsible for the way emotions were stirring across the country and whatever was happening. Apart from this, Justice JB Pardiwala even said that his statement was also responsible for the Udaipur incident. At the same time, Justice Pardiwala has spoken about the regulation on social media.

Justice JB Pardiwala

Justice JB Pardiwala, while demanding strict rules on social media, claimed that media trials were not healthy for the rule of law. In a virtual address on Sunday, Justice Pardiwala said that social media is “half true and half information” and is dominated by people who do not understand the rules of law, evidence, judicial process and limitations.

He further said that there should be an inquiry from the courts. Digital media litigation is an unwarranted interference in the judiciary. It crosses the Lakshman line and becomes more of a problem when it comes to pursuing only half-truths. The Constitutional Courts have always cordially accepted sensible dissent and constructive criticism. At the same time, he said personal attacks on judges would not be tolerated.

Justice Pardiwala said, “Social media mainly seeks to express personal opinion against judges instead of constructively critically evaluating their decisions. It is harming the judiciary and tarnishing its image.” ” Talking about austerity, he said that this is where the rule of law under our constitution has to be enforced across the country on digital and social media.

Remarks on Nabi: Supreme Court says Nupur Sharma should apologize to the whole countryRemarks on Nabi: Supreme Court says Nupur Sharma should apologize to the whole country

The Supreme Court justice also said that the “immense power” of social media platforms is being used to speed up the process of acquittal or acquittal before the end of the trial. He said that even before the end of the trial, the society starts believing in the outcome of the judicial process. The rules of social media, especially in the context of sensitive trials that are subject to regulation, should be considered by Parliament in introducing regulatory provisions.

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Justice JB Pardiwala, who reprimanded Nupur Sharma, has demanded strict action on social media.

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