Who is Sunil Shetty’s wife ‘Mana’? Earned several crores in a month by beating her husband. Sunil Shetty’s wife Mana is earning crores of rupees in a month by beating her husband


Film Sunil and Mana’s love story

Sunil Shetty and Mana’s family were not ready for this marriage. Both of them took 6 years to convince the family members. In fact, Mana’s father is a Gujarati Muslim and mother is a Punjabi. Sunil Shetty hails from a Tulu speaking family from Karnataka. In such a situation, there was a lot of difference in their relationship, due to which their family was against it. However, the two finally have a family and now Sunil and Mana are one of the power couples of Bollywood.

Both knew each other from the age of 17

Both knew each other from the age of 17

Sunil Shetty has always inspired and supported his wife Mana. Mana and Sunil have known each other since they were 17 years old. First there was a good friendship between the two and then after dating each other for 6 years they got married. Sunil always values ​​his wife’s decisions and opinions. Sunil Shetty always discusses with his wife before starting any work.

The wife runs a gift and lifestyle shop

Sunil Shetty’s wife Mana Shetty runs a lifestyle store called ‘R-House’. Spread over 2 floors, the store is located in the Worli area of ​​Mumbai where one can find decorative items, gifts, lighting and every luxuries of daily life. From big celebrities to VIPs visit this store to get their essentials.

Considered as a successful business woman

Expensive furniture is also available in this store. According to media reports, it is believed that 80 percent of the store’s expensive furniture is imported from India and the rest from various parts of the world. Mana Shetty is not only a successful businesswoman but she is also a successful social worker and real estate queen.

Mana became the real estate queen of Mumbai

Mana Shetty along with husband Sunil Shetty started a real estate project named S2 under which they have built 21 luxury villas in Mumbai. Many celebrities live in these villas. Along with this, many big businessmen have also bought these luxury items.

Mana Shetty is associated with NGO

Let us tell you that Mana Shetty is also associated with an NGO called ‘Save the Children India’. To raise funds for this NGO, she also periodically organizes exhibitions in the name of ‘Arish’. The money that comes from this is used for the needs of girls and women.

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Runs a clothing brand with sister

According to information, Sunil Shetty’s wife Mana is also a famous fashion designer. She also runs a clothing brand called ‘Mann & Isha’ along with her sister Isha. Mana Shetty’s father IM Qadri is a famous architect. He has worked in many famous projects not only in Mumbai but also in India. Along with this, Mann’s brother is also a famous architect of the country.


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