10 Mascara Reviewers Say They’re Just as Good or Better as False Lashes


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A K-beauty mascara that adds length and volume to even the shortest lashes

Heroine Make’s Waterproof Long and Curl Mascara Super WP is made with lightweight fibers to promote curl and length.

Promising review:

“I love this mascara. I’m an everyday false eyelash wearer and I want to find a mascara that mimics them and it’s exactly the same. It’s not a lie, it’s extremely waterproof and I’ve been crying for many. I’ve been to sessions and it still doesn’t want to come off! It really adds such great length to your eyes.” ,moon

Jasmine Sandals / Buzzfeed

An extreme lash mascara, because fakes are great for special occasions, but they can be uncomfortable

Stila’s Massive Extreme Lash Mascara uses a blend of soft, flexible waxes.

Promising review:
“Best mascara ever if you want to achieve a false eyelash look. I’ve tried it many times, from drugstore to high-end. This is the best mascara ever! And it lasts all day. ” , Patti W.

The One Vivienne Sabo Mascara With a Cult-Favorite Formula That Will Stand the Test of Time

The brand says its Cabaret Premiere Mascara will remain clump-free and won’t transfer or flake.

Promising review:
“This mascara separates your lashes when you put it on (for real). It’s like I’m wearing false eyelashes. It’s just such an amazing product, that I won’t go back to my Maybelline anymore. (This Too big for me.) Never found a mascara that is so good. I swear by it. Please try it once and leave a review. I think you will be as impressed as I am. This is now My mascara is there for life. Love it!….can you tell haha!” , just me

An Essence Lash Princess Mascara Because It’s Under $5, and One of the Best Mascaras I’ve Ever Tried

This false-effect mascara comes with a conical fiber brush.

Promising review:
“I’ve tried probably every mascara on the market and this knocks them all out of the park. I should start by saying that I wear contact lenses, so it’s important that I get my mascara off my eyes during the day. Nothing goes and after wearing this mascara countless times I have had no problem with it. Mascara goes on smoothly, it builds up, it is thick, it falls apart. It makes you look like you are wearing false eyelashes I can honestly say that I can just go all out without putting on mascara and blush and eyeliner and eyeshadow. It doesn’t get stuck in your eyes, even if you accidentally rub your eyes and apply it Removes easily with makeup remover or soap and water or makeup eraser pads.I sincerely hope they stay in business as I will be a life long fan and there are not many things I can say about that. ” , HSL826

A Clear Mascara That Actually Works

Ilia’s offering is cruelty-free and made with organic beeswax and carnauba wax.

Promising review:
“I’m a mascara-holic. I believe in layering mascara and using several. However, this mascara is amazing. The brush has multiple sides, so you only need one mascara to get the full effect Just keep switching sides, and see which one works best! Usually it’s several sides! Worth it! I use it everyday, and love how my eyelashes look like I have fake ones Huh!” , Mary M


a lifting and lengthening mascara

This Patrick Star Mascara says it can last up to 24 hours.

Promising review:
“All I can say is wow! This formula is top tier. It makes my lashes look so long and full. Love how it maintains the lift all day. It’s buildable without giving a clumpy look. Looks like I’m wearing a falsesy!” – kaylakite


A tubing mascara if you need a water-resistant option that adds length and volume

Tarte says this mascara will wrap each eyelash in a “tube” instead of weighing it down with pigment.

Promising review:
“I haven’t worn mascara in years because it made my eyes burn, flaked, clumped, and never did what it said it would do. But Tartellette Tubing Mascara is a true winner! I couldn’t believe I put it on.” What did I see while applying.. and I couldn’t believe how it opened my eyes, they look fabulous!” , hey


A Maybelline mascara because it has reinvented itself as TikTok’s favorite lash-enhancing product

Maybelline’s Sky High Lengthening Mascara is infused with bamboo extract.

Promising review:
“My eyelashes look amazing! I don’t need to use much and it feels like my eyelashes are false. I have no issues with smudging and it lasts all day. A little more to remove it while washing my face The effort has to be made at night but nothing extreme.” , Jackie


Volumizing Mascara Made by Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez’s Makeup Brand

It’s called Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara. What more do you need to know?

Promising review:

“I’m obsessed with mascara. I give 5-star reviews, but this is a no-brainer. It really enhances lashes. Got a lot of compliments on that one. Most swear my lashes are extensions, but They are not. I work a long day, and I am happy to say that at the end of the day, I do not have raccoon eyes as most mascaras in this price range do. You get length and no smudges Doesn’t happen. It’s a no brainer.” – TBEASLEY911


A TikTok-Approved Mascara So You Can Create a Wisdom Curl That Defies Gravity

Milan’s highly rated Anti-Gravity Mascara has also received a 4.5-star rating from target buyers.

Promising review:

“This mascara is amazing! I love that it adds volume and doesn’t accentuate my lashes. I also love the fact that it doesn’t smudge and I can wear it all day.” , Taylor23


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