158 House Members Proxies Vote for $700 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act


The House of Representatives voted on Friday way The $700 billion “reduction of inflation” act, which would not reduce inflation, and 158 lawmakers voted by proxy.

158 lawmakers decided to vote by proxy at a time when Conflict around capacity, as the Senate still required its members to vote in person.

Members of the House are allowed to vote by proxy, which means that a member of the House can vote on behalf of the absent member. This type of voting began in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

But, instead of exhausting proxy voting capacity in the House as the nationwide coronavirus pandemic improves, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) extended guideline This several times, citing a “public health emergency”.

As done by the clerk of the House website Having said,

In accordance with House Resolution 8 and the cover period specified by the Speaker on Monday, January 4, 2021, the Clerk’s Office is verifying and making available certain letters specifying, changing and revoking authorization for remote voting by proxy. Members designated as proxy can vote on behalf of other members only if they have received separate precise instructions in respect of each vote.

Breitbart News reported Friday before the final vote that the Clerk of the House was Proxy letters of 190 members were submitted at that time, while there were 175 letters the night before. Presented, These numbers kept changing night and day as members filed new proxy letters or filed for termination of their previous letters.

This is partly due to members having an active proxy voting letter first when it is actually needed, but left active if members wish to move out of town.

Additionally, a member having an active proxy letter does not mean that they will not vote in person. However, most of the letters were filed with the clerk in the last few weeks as the members have recently started their holidays.

For example, CNN on Friday informed of That Rep. Brad Weinstrup (R) was at the Capitol with members of the House Republican Intel Committee for a news conference at 9:30 p.m. By noon, he was at Dulles Airport, allowing someone else to cast his vote, as he had an active proxy voting paper.

158 members who voted by proxy according to the clerk’s website Were,

  1. amodei
  2. xne
  3. babin
  4. bacon
  5. beardo
  6. Burr
  7. Burgani
  8. Smell
  9. bentz
  10. bera
  11. bonamikis
  12. boost
  13. Brooks
  14. brownley
  15. buchanan
  16. bookshon
  17. Bud
  18. bush
  19. calvert
  20. Cardenas
  21. Carter (TX)
  22. kawthorne
  23. Cherphilus-McCormick
  24. sicilian
  25. cohen
  26. visitors
  27. connolly
  28. conway
  29. cooper
  30. crawford
  31. Christ
  32. curtis
  33. defazio
  34. Deegate
  35. delauro
  36. de solnier
  37. countryjarlis
  38. Dutch
  39. Diaz-Balart
  40. dogget
  41. Doyle, Michael F.
  42. Duncan
  43. dunno
  44. escobar
  45. fall upon
  46. Flores
  47. Frankel, Loiso
  48. getzo
  49. garbarino
  50. GIBBS
  51. gomez
  52. Gonzales, Tony
  53. Good
  54. gooden
  55. gosari
  56. gotheimer
  57. right to cowshed
  58. grave
  59. Green (Tamil Nadu)
  60. hard (ca)
  61. harris
  62. hartzler
  63. Herrell
  64. herrera beetler
  65. huffman
  66. jackson
  67. Jacobs (NY)
  68. Johnson (GA)
  69. Johnson (SD)
  70. Johnson (TX)
  71. Joyce (PA)
  72. where
  73. Keating
  74. Kelly (IL)
  75. kilmer
  76. Kim (CA)
  77. kinzinger
  78. kirkpatrick
  79. krishnamurti
  80. lahood
  81. lamalfa
  82. lamborn
  83. langwein
  84. Lawrence
  85. Lawson (FL)
  86. lager fernandez
  87. lesco
  88. lay down
  89. Levine (MI)
  90. instead
  91. lucas
  92. luetkemayer
  93. bludgeon
  94. manning
  95. matsui
  96. macbath
  97. McEachin
  98. McHenry
  99. McNearney
  100. Meijer
  101. Mango
  102. meuser
  103. Miller (WV)
  104. miller-meeks
  105. Moore (UT)
  106. Moore (West Indies)
  107. moulton
  108. napolitano
  109. Nehalso
  110. Norman
  111. Ocasio-Cortez
  112. age
  113. Owens
  114. Palazzo
  115. paneta
  116. payne
  117. Philips
  118. pingri
  119. Porter
  120. pressley
  121. Value (NC)
  122. Rice (SC)
  123. Rogers (WA)
  124. Rogers (KY)
  125. royal-allard
  126. rush
  127. Sanchez
  128. Sarbanes
  129. shakovsky
  130. Sherman
  131. cereus
  132. Smith (NJ)
  133. Smith (WA)
  134. steel
  135. stube
  136. suozies
  137. swalwell
  138. Tailor
  139. Thompson (PA)
  140. Thompson (CA)
  141. timmons
  142. Titus
  143. talaibo
  144. Tonko
  145. Torres (NY)
  146. troubling
  147. tron
  148. van drue
  149. van duyne
  150. Vargas
  151. wagner
  152. val berg
  153. waltz
  154. Watson Coleman
  155. Welch
  156. weinstrup
  157. Wilson (FL)
  158. Wilson (SC)

Breitbart News informed of On Thursday, Republican leadership was whipping up votes to ensure no Republican votes for the bill. Breitbart News couple on Friday:

Since the law uses budgetary reconciliation, Republicans cannot prevent Democrats from passing the bill; However, a senior House Republican staffer explained that they plan to have Democrats “own” the bill, which includes highlighting the bill’s harmful effects.

The law would be:

  • Let Medicare negotiate the price of drugs
  • Extend the increased Obamacare subsidy for three years, which would cost $64 billion
  • reduce the deficit by $300 billion
  • Raise taxes while America just entered recession
  • Raise up to $80 billion in funding for the IRS, which would make the agency bigger than the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI and the Border Patrol.
  • Make Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in a Green Energy Slush Fund to Take Out the Federal Government
  • The bill includes budget gimmicks and fake offsets that hide the true value of the bill.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — who has said several times that Republicans would get rid of proxy voting if they withdrew the House in January — also Having said In March that the term “proxy voting” would be called “facilitation” voting, because members of both parties used it as a precaution, except as a precaution for a health crisis, which they claim.

In fact, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) told Breitbart News on Thursday, using the $700 billion “inflation reduction” act as an example, that it’s “absurd” that “lazy” Democrats and Republicans use it. are going to use. “Garbage” the crap on the Inflation Reduction Act” proxy voting rules – which doesn’t help inflation – rather than abiding by the Constitution and voting in person.

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. write it here [email protected] or follow him on twitter @JacobMBliss,


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