$20,000 bounty offered for information on double murder outside Compton Street takeover


After the mothers of two men were killed during an illegal road takeover in Compton last year, sheriff’s officers on Friday sought the public’s help in finding their killers.

Javier Carachure Menchaca, 19, and Juan Antonio Orozco, 22, were shot and killed during a road takeover on November 14, officials said. Investigators said none of the victims were affiliated with a gang and were merely spectators at the event, in which drivers usually perform dangerous stunts in their cars.

On Friday, authorities announced a $20,000 reward for anyone who informed the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the shooting. Detectives said that they have exhausted all their leads in the case.

About 200 people took part in an illegal road takeover in an industrial area at the intersection of Bulls Road and Pine Avenue, officials said., At around 1 a.m. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s representatives arrived at the scene and dozens of people fled in their cars.

In the same vehicle were the bodies of Menchaca and Orozco, according to the homicide detectives.

Speaking at a news conference on Friday, Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Austin said that there were many witnesses at the scene.

“Hundreds of vehicles were out there,” said Austin, who joined the families of the victims in seeking public help in the case.

Menchaca and Orozco’s mothers quietly requested anyone with information about the shooting to come forward.

“I didn’t get a chance to enjoy my son’s time,” Orozco’s mother, Sylvia Rosales, cried in Spanish. She described her son as courageous, loving and hardworking, who dropped out of school as a teenager to help pay for his family’s expenses. Orozco was born in Los Angeles and his family hails from Jalisco, Mexico.

His girlfriend of four years, Jasmine Biede, said that Orozco works for a mobile detail service. The day before the shoot, he told her and his mother that he was planning to participate in a road takeover, but gave no other information.

Rosales set out to search for her son the morning after the shooting, as video from the shoot immediately after showing the two men was doing the rounds on social media. Rosales still cries thinking about the fact that the video clearly shows that her son was killed.

Menchaca’s mother, Hermalinda Menchaca, said that her son enjoys playing both American and Spanish football, but he also enjoys playing video games. He was born in Los Angeles and his family is from Michoacan, Mexico.

“He was serious and shy, it was rare to see him laugh out loud,” Jessica Carachure said of her younger brother.

“He was very intelligent as a young boy,” said Menachaka’s mother. “Since he was 8 or 10, he’s wanted to be a police officer or work in law enforcement.”

Carachure said that once his brother graduated from high school he said he wanted to be a chef.

Anyone with information about the shooting is encouraged to call homicide detectives Timothy Ruggiero and Austin at 323-890-5500. Anonymous Tips can be made at 800-222-8477.


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