21 Chinese warplanes, including more than a dozen fighter jets, took off from Taiwan’s air defenses on Pelosi’s visit


21 Chinese warplanes, including ten advanced J-16 fighter jets, flew over Taiwan’s air defenses on Tuesday, the same day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taipei.Getty Images

  • 21 Chinese warplanes took off over Taiwan’s air defense detection area on Tuesday.

  • The flight included 10 new J-16 fighter jets from China, apart from other fighter jets.

  • The day Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taipei, warplanes took off from a corner of the ADIZ.

Twenty-one Chinese warplanes flew over Taiwan’s air defenses on Tuesday, the day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taipei, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense.

People’s Liberation Army Air Force aircraft – including its ten new J-16 Fighter aircraft, eight J-11 fighter jets, one KJ-500 aerial early warning and control aircraft, one Y-9 electronic warfare aircraft and one Y-8 transport aircraft – entered Taiwan’s air defense detection area.

shenyang J-16 is the fourth generation advanced fighter aircraft Based on Russia’s Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft. The twin-jet, tandem-set fighter carries a 30 mm cannon, 12 air-to-air missiles, rocket and satellite-guided bombs, and anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles. a China-based military analyst told earlier The South China Morning Post said the jet was “definitely developed primarily for an attack on Taiwan.”

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According to a flight path map posted on Twitter by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, the plane took off from the southwest corner of the ADIZ. on Monday, Four J-16s flew along the line dividing the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said patrol planes were tasked with responding, radio warnings were issued, and air and missile-defense systems were monitoring the situation.

The entry of the warplanes into the ADIZ occurred on the same day that Pelosi visited Taiwan for a historic visit. She is the highest-ranking US official to visit the self-governing island democracy in 25 years.

Ahead of her visit, China, which has long claimed Taiwan as an inseparable part of Chinese territory, repeatedly warned that it would take any military action if it visited the island. Saying that the People’s Liberation Army “will not sit idly by.”

China J-16 Fighter AircraftChina J-16 Fighter Aircraft

A J-16 fighter jet performs during the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force Aviation Open Day in Changchun in China’s northeastern Jilin province on October 17, 2019.STR/AFP via Getty Images

After their arrival late Tuesday, China announced that the PLA would conduct a “targeted military operation” Around the island in response. The Chinese army will conduct live-fire exercises from August 4 to 7 in six areas around Taiwan. official xinhua news agency and the state-affiliated Global Times.

Chinese media indicated that the exercise, which began on Tuesday night, will include not only air and sea exercises, but also conventional missiles and long-range artillery firing.

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