23 Best Passport Cases to Protect Your Most Valuable Travel Document


Travel can be a dizzying affair, and this is especially true when you are flying internationally. making sure you have all the correct documents, hopefully your Belongings Not there Go to hellDeal with any potential delays or cancellations and don’t forget about Customs and Immigration upon arrival at your destination.

having a dedicated passport case – or a travel wallet — can help you keep your most important travel documents organized and protected. Some passport cases also have radio frequency identification (RFID) protection, which can help prevent hackers and thieves from accessing your personal information.

If you are looking for a way to keep your passport safe, a good passport cover will come in handy. Read on to learn more about our favorite passport case options for every type of traveler.

at $17.99 heroine

This passport cover and vaccine card holder combination is Amazon’s #1 bestseller in passport covers—and for good reason. We love that it comes in 45 different colors and design options, so there’s sure to be a suitable cover to fit the style of each member of your family. Each case is made of imitation leather material and features RFID-blocking technology to keep your information safe. Inside, there’s room for some travel essentials like your passport, vaccination card, credit card, and even your boarding pass. Plus, this compact passport case comes with a mini pen, which is perfect for when you travel and when you need to fill out a custom form or take a quick note.

at $9.99 heroine

Melsbrinna Premium Leather Passport Holder

The Melsbrinna Premium Leather Passport Holder from Amazon is perfect for travelers who are looking for a relatively basic passport case that covers all the essentials. The interior has room for your passport on one side, as well as an additional slot for receipts, vaccine cards, boarding passes, cash or paperwork on the other. The snap button closure doesn’t let your important documents fall off, and it comes with RFID-blocking technology that helps protect your personal information.

at $24.95 REI

Sherpani Osaka Case

The Sherpani Osaka Case from REI should be on your radar if you are looking for a passport case option that is made from recycled materials. This passport cover includes space for your passport, four credit cards and some cash so you can easily get to and from the airport. Plus, it’s also washable and comes with RFID anti-theft technology. A vegan leather closure on the top makes sure everything stays secure in your passport case.

at $75 parvel

Parvel Cabana Passport Case

Paravel is one of our favorite travel brands, Not only are its products eco-friendly, but they’re also incredibly chic. Consider this Cabana Passport Case to add to your travel ensemble. It comes in four color options, and inside, you’ll find space to keep your passport safe as well as eight card slots for storing credit cards, your driver’s license, business cards, and more.

$12.99 at $9.99 heroine

Paschaku Passport Holder Cover

Never lose your passport again with this embossed case. Available in 10 colors from green to rose red, purple, pink, coffee gray and brown, the imitation leather case is an affordable option for all travellers. Inside, you’ll find space to store your passport as well as card slots, space for cash, a boarding pass, and more. The case is also made with RFID-blocking material, ensuring that your personal information is protected on the go.

at $75 leather science

Passport Cover & Luggage Tag Set

If you are looking for a passport holder that coordinates with a significant other travel gear, this passport holder and leatherology luggage tag combo can get you started. The set is available in seven solid colors that can coordinate well with all your accessories, and both items are made from full-grain leather. A passport cover holds space for a passport and some cash or your boarding pass, and the luggage tag can help you avoid having your bag picked up by someone else, as both items are available for privatization,

at $65 blistery shop

Fly Me to the Moon Passport Cover

This leather passport holder is both soft and durable. Made to order by hand, it can be tailored to suit your style and taste with a choice of three different materials: sleek nappa leather, textured faux leather or textured nappa leather. You can also choose from several fringe and thread colors for a personalized look. Inside, you’ll find space to store your passport for easy access throughout your trip.

at $24.99 heroine

Valantr Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer

If you’re a parent trying to keep your entire crew’s passports organized and in one place, consider this option from Amazon. Not only does it provide enough space for six different passports, but it also has a zip pouch for cash and receipts, space for two pens, and an external zippered phone pocket. Also note that this passport holder is water resistant and made of RFID-blocking material.

at $9.99 heroine

Lewis N Clark RFID Passport Case

Lewis N. This no-nonsense passport case from Clark is incredibly basic, but it will keep your passport safe and secure. It is made of durable nylon material to protect your passport from breaking while blocking unauthorized RFID transmissions in the process. Inside, there are two flaps to keep the ends of your passport open for easy access at every step of your journey.

at $7.99 heroine

Labato Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo

This is ideal for passport holders who want to keep their passport and COVID-19 vaccine records in one place. US passports fit snugly on one side of the holder while the other side offers a clear pocket making it ideal for vaccine records. With a price tag of less than $10, this passport and vaccine card organizer is an absolute steal. Plus, it’s available in 11 colors to suit every travel style.

at $220 Smithsons of Bond Street

Smithson of Bond Street Passport Cover in Ludlow

This luxurious passport holder is made in Italy from large grain calf leather, and has two slip pockets for your passport and extra room for a boarding pass. The style exudes classic timelessness, and is built to last for years of travel.

$20 at $14.86 heroine

Petit Collage Store Luggage Tags and Passport Holders for Kids

If you’re looking to buy a gift for your favorite traveling kid, consider this luggage tag and passport holder combo for kids. The included travel tag will help your little one stand out at baggage claim, and the passport holder is totally practical for your little jet-setter. The best part about this passport holder set is its animal- and travel-themed design that will have the child in your life up and ready for their next adventure.

at $159 bellroy

Bellroy Travel Folio

This passport holder from Bellroy is made of leather with space for your passport and more. In fact, the folio holds two passports, four to eight credit cards, cash and boarding passes with an outer zip to protect your belongings from falling. Includes RFID protection as well as a micro-pen that’s tightly packed inside the folio, ideal for those times when you have to fill out travel documents on the go.

$24.95 at $16.99 close

Bando Stampede Passport Holder in Rainbow Strip

This vibrant passport holder is decorated with the colors of the rainbow, though you can also choose from a selection of unique colors and styles when ordering. Inside you’ll find just the right amount of space for a US-issued passport, as well as three card slots for credit cards or other identification. The small size of this passport holder also makes it perfect for your pocket when you run out of room in your favorite travel backpack,

at $60 heroine

family passport rfid organizer and holder

This family-sized passport holder has room for up to six passports, so it’s perfect for parents trying to keep the whole family’s travel documents organized in one place. Two zippered pockets also provide room for cash, credit cards or receipts, and a bonus leather card holder has room for up to 10 credit cards. Made with an optional carry strap, this passport organizer also comes with RFID protection.

at $150 you

Tumi McLaren Passport Cover

If you are obsessed with buying all the best travel gear from Tumi, consider this passport cover. It has enough room to hold a passport and some receipts or cash, so it’s perfect for travelers who want an outer case covering their passport at all times. Sleek gray tones with papaya highlights make this Passport cover both trendy and trendy with a signature McLaren touch.

at $28.99 heroine

Zero Grid Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder

This nylon passport holder is designed with family travel in mind. With space for up to six passports, as well as credit cards, pocket change, cash and receipts, it’s meant to hold everything you need to get your family through security or Customs and Immigration so you can reach your destination. Can you On the outside, it’s made from moisture- and rip-resistant nylon material to keep your belongings safe in all environments.

at $7.99 heroine

Millennial Essentials Frosted Passport Cover Plastic Passport Protector

If you want nothing more than a matter of keeping your passport safe, consider this frosted alternative from Millennial Essentials. The Clear Passport Sleeve is durable and waterproof and built to last – and thousands of travel miles – for years to come. Plus, it has room inside for a credit card, ID card or boarding pass.

at $395 Saint Laurent

YSL Tiny Cassandre Passport Case

For travelers who only carry designer accessories, consider this upscale passport case. It’s made of matte leather with silver-toned metal hardware emblazoned with the Saint Laurent logo. Made to hold two passports and up to four credit cards, it will leave you looking and feeling stylish as you work your way to the airport and your gate.

at $26.95 heroine

Lilly Pulitzer Vegan Leather Passport Cover

Lilly Pulitzer fans, rejoice. This affordable option from the bright designer comes in five different styles, all made from a vegan leather material. Apart from room for a passport, it has three internal slots for credit cards or identification, as well as space for a COVID-19 vaccine card.

at $18 bloomingdales

Bloomingdale's Little Passport Case

This small passport case from Bloomingdale’s is perfect if you’re looking for basic protection for your passport in a compact size. Roughly the size of a US-issued passport, this case has one internal slot for your passport and two internal slots for a credit card.

at $32.50 Barnes and Noble

Rifle Paper Company Bonn Travel Passport Holder

This travel-inspired passport holder will keep you as organized as possible when you get to the airport. The outside of the passport case will remind you of some of your favorite cities – from New York to Paris, London, Tokyo and more. Inside, you’ll find a place to comfortably store your passport.

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