All-girls school ditch policy that allows boys to attend


Harpeth Hall, a private all-girls school in Nashville, Tennessee, advocates a policy that allows boys who are allowed to attend school as girls after pushback from the community.

All-Girls School Announces They Will “Stop” adopt a framework That would have allowed boys who identified as girls to be admitted to the school, in a letter from the Board of Trustees obtained by Breitbart News.

The letter refers to the earlier decision. “We believe that this philosophy has elicited a strong response of support and opposition beyond our expectations,” it reads. “We care very much about your feedback, and we’ve heard you.”

“Based on the feedback from our school community, Harpeth Hall is choosing to pause the adoption of the philosophy in order to engage a wider audience in continued discussion.”

The letter also said that the board “will follow up on next steps as we engage our community in ongoing discussions about our all-girls mission at Harpeth Hall.”

as Breitbart news informed ofHarpeth Hall originally told Parents, “Any student who identifies as a girl child can apply to our school. The students who join and stay at Harpeth Hall do so because our mission as a school for girls resonates with them. ,

The previous letter also mentioned that Harpeth Hall, which serves middle and high school students, “It recognizes that adolescence involves natural exploration and inquiry about a range of subjects. For some students, this may include a question of gender identity and a desire to identify as non-binary or that they/them are pronouns.” Can be used.”

The school originally said they would provide a statement to the Breitbart News, but could not be reached until then. Breitbart News asked whether the previous letter meant girls would have to share a locker room or bathroom with boys and also asked whether parents had been consulted in the matter.

after the controversial letter a articles in local media by the head of the school, Jess Hill, who defended the letter, claiming, “For more than 155 years, Harpeth Hall Girls’ school. It won’t change.”

“We are leading a national conversation on a place for girls in an ever-evolving world,” Hill wrote.

Whose victory is the board’s decision to back down Parents who, following the initial letter, advocated for the safety of their daughters and the integrity of the all-girls school ,

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