An American Airlines passenger says her 11-year-old daughter was made to check her carry-on on a flight to North Carolina, and was not returned 2 months later.


After their connecting flight was cancelled, the family slept on the floor at Charlotte Airport, Beth Gill said.Chris Grethen/Getty Images

  • Beth Gill’s husband and daughter were asked to check their cabin baggage on a flight in mid-June.

  • After their connecting flight was cancelled, the family slept on window sills at Charlotte Airport.

  • They took a train home instead, but had to leave without their belongings. His daughter’s bag is still missing.

An American Airlines passenger has told Insider that her daughter still hasn’t received her carry-on luggage back two months ago when she was supposed to check it on a flight from Arizona to North Carolina.

“We intentionally packed carry-on bags because I didn’t have to worry about going through baggage claims and getting my luggage,” said passenger Beth Gill. Echoing sentiments shared by other travelers with Insider.

Gil, her husband, and two daughters spent two weeks off in Las Vegas in June, and were set to fly from Phoenix to Charlotte, North Carolina in connection with Raleigh on June 16.

But on the first leg of the flight, which was delayed, American Airlines told her husband and their 11-year-old daughter that they needed to check their carry-on bags because there was no room in the overhead locker, she said. Gill claimed that there was space in the lockers at the rear of the plane.

“My husband was like, ‘This is ridiculous. They’re about to lose our stuff,'” Gil said. “He just had a feeling about it.”

Charlotte airport was in disarray when the family arrived, she said, with passengers rushing to catch flights and “people everywhere.”

After several delays due to flight crew shortages, American Airlines finally canceled the flight from Charlotte to Raleigh at 1:30 a.m. Friday, about two and a half hours later, Gill said.

She was told the next available flight to Raleigh—about 160 miles by road from Charlotte—was on Sunday evening. Gill told Insider that the family was not offered a living or rental car because neither was available.

A map showing the respective locations of Raleigh and Charlotte in North CarolinaA map showing the respective locations of Raleigh and Charlotte in North Carolina

A map showing the locations of Charlotte and Raleigh, which are approximately 160 miles by road.Screenshot/Google Maps

She said she was unable to find a hotel for her family, and they resorted to sleeping at the airport.

Gil said she and her family slept on window sills with beach blankets over them, using backpacks as pillows. Gill said that her husband went downstairs to pick up the luggage based on the advice of the staff, but when he got there he was told that there was no staff working at the time who could land the plane, Gill he said.

Gill said her husband was told that the baggage recall count took place outside the airport, meaning she was not allowed to return to the terminal to join her family.

Instead of waiting until the flight on Sunday evening, the Gill family caught the early morning train to Raleigh on Friday. Tickets for confirmed bookings came in at $94.50 as seen by Insider Show. He spent about $85 on Uber travel to and from train stations.

But there was a catch: Opting to travel by train instead of waiting until the next available flight meant she couldn’t carry two carry-on bags that were checked in.

“We were told we couldn’t pick up our luggage at baggage claim until 7 a.m. in Charlotte,” Gill said. “We had to leave the airport without our daughter and husband’s luggage.”

Gill said American Airlines later told him that both bags had been scanned at Raleigh Airport.

She said her husband got her luggage back, but that of her daughter, which had Gill’s name and phone number written on it, was not returned even after two months of her flight. She has unsuccessfully tried to get help at the airport three times, she told the insider, admitting she doesn’t think the bag will ever be found.

Gill said the family had received no compensation for the lost baggage, but the family received $83 each for the canceled leg of their flight.

“Customer service has been nonexistent,” she said. American Airlines did not respond to an insider’s request for comment.

Neither Raleigh Airport nor Charlotte Airport immediately responded to insider requests for comment, which were done outside of normal business hours.

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