California will become the first state to provide free meals for all students


California is set to become the first state in the country to implement a program offering free meals to all students.

In the coming school year, the Universal Meal Program will ensure that children can eat for free while on their school premises, ABC 7 informed of Thursday.

“The program is a part of Assembly Bill 130 signed into law by Governor Newsom last July,” the outlet said.

California’s Universal Eating Program Make On the federal National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP), the state Department of Education website reads:

Three key pillars have been established to ensure the success of the programme:

  • Pillar One: California’s state meal order has expanded to include both a nutritionally adequate breakfast and lunch, not only for children in need, but for all children each school day.
  • Pillar two: A federal provision would require schools with high poverty to participate.
  • Pillar Three: The California State Legislature allocates funds to provide additional state meal reimbursement to cover the cost of the Universal Meal Program.

However, President Joe Biden’s administration tied Federal school lunch funding to comply with gender identity ideology, Breitbart News reported in June.

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The administration is working to incorporate this kind of ideology into federal law, Breitbart’s Brecon Theis explained:

While full-time, in-person schooling, the National School Lunch Program feeds approximately 30 million children each day in both public and private institutions. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, the program still continued to feed 22.6 million children every day.

To get such help under the new rule, the Biden administration is forcing schools to allow boys to use girls’ changing and restroom facilities as well as sleeping areas, and teachers to allow those children to Using the wrong pronoun to describe someone who believes they are transgender.

Meanwhile, Biden still has inflation in America because of Difficulty for families when it comes to grocery shopping, Breitbart News reported on Wednesday.

“The price of food at home jumped 1.3 per cent as compared to the previous month. In the past 12 months, grocery prices have risen 13.1 percent,” explains Breitbart’s John Carney.

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