Carl Paladino, Donald Trump of western New York, lost the GOP primary to Congress


GOP Candidate Carl Paladino, Who Recently Called Attorney General Merrick Garland ExecutionLost his primary to Congress.

New York State Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy, a former Paladino aide, won his party’s nomination in the conservative 23rd Congressional District.

Langworthy, 41, raised himself As a supporter of former President Donald Trump’s policies – but he didn’t have the stuff and drama of Paladino and histhree-ring circus,

“Karl’s candidacy is a fortiori Why did I decide to do this,” Langworthy told the New York Times, calling Mr Paladino “a huge loss” to other Republicans running in the state, including Rep. Lee Zeldin for governor. “We’ve got the best shot at winning in 20 years, and the three-ring circus he brings to the table, the way he handles things and himself, will be held against basically every candidate in the state. “

The 75-year-old Paladino is essentially Buffalo’s own Donald Trump. A booming real estate developer, he often finds himself in the national spotlight for comments Praise of Adolf Hitler and claiming that the children”brainwashed“In accepting gay people.

Paladino was the New York co-chair of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, although the former president did not endorse the race.

In 2010, he ran a disastrous campaign Against Democrat Andrew Cuomo for governor, drawing attention to friends forwarding obscene emails that were then leaked to the media. ,Brilliant!“He wrote on many of them.

And in late 2016, when ArtVoice, a local publication, asked Paladino and other buffooners about their hopes for the new year, they used the opportunity to call former First Lady Michelle Obama. a man who must live with a gorilla And said he expected former President Barack Obama to have died from having sex with a cow.

Those comments led to an attempt to oust him from his position on the Buffalo School Board, although he was not kicked Until August 2017 for falsely disclosing private board matters.

Paladino easily moved to his home ground, Erie County, where Buffalo is located. But Langworthy took over all the counties in the southern tier of the district.

langworthy The district received more support from local Republicans, although Paladino was supported by Representative Alice Stefnik (NY), the No. 3 Republican in the House. The Paladino’s defeat is also a blow to Stefnik and his clout. When the seat opened in June with the retirement of Representative Chris Jacobs (NY), Stefanik quickly backed Paladino — reportedly a lot. surprise and disappointment of other House GOP leaders, not to mention Langworthy.

Paladino certainly has his opponents in the Republican Party. In June, Keith Wofford, who is black and the GOP’s 2018 nominee for attorney general of New York, made a statement calling Paladino “straight, old school racist,

“Many times people have called one Republican or the other a racist, and I have explained to those accusers why they were wrong,” Wofford said. “But Carl Paladino is a racist. Not ‘racially insensitive’; not ‘sophisticated’; a straight-up, old-school racist.”

Jacob, who was running for re-election, announced retirement After receiving intense backlash within his party to support the arms embargo. He assumed the position on May 14 after a white supremacist killed 10 people at a Topps supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood of Buffalo.

“If an assault weapons ban bill comes on the floor that would ban something like the AR-15, I’ll vote for it,” Jacobs said, “I can’t in good conscience sit back and say I didn’t try.” to do something.”


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