Co dem senators, governors drop below 50% as GOP candidates


Colorado Democrats Sen. Michael Bennett and Gov. Jared Polis fell below 50 percent as Republican candidates rose, according to the latest Trafalgar Group poll.

A Trafalgar poll conducted last week showed 47.4 percent would vote for Bennett, giving him a nearly six-point advantage over his Republican challenger Joe O’Dea.

The poll showed that 41.6 percent would vote for O’Dia. There were also 5.2 percent who said they would vote for Brian Peter, and another 5.8 percent said they chose “others” or were undecided.

Republicans are attacking Bennett – the once unsuccessful presidential candidate who shares 98 percent of the vote with President Joe Biden – for having no significant legislative achievements or areas of expertise in the Senate. At the same time, O’Dea marked himself as a self-made entrepreneur. Whose successful construction company manage Colorado River Headwaters Connectivity Project.

In fact, O’Dea jokes attacked Bennett tomorrow As the senator appeared to actually cut the ribbon for the new project, O’Dea’s company had equipment around him.

In the gubernatorial race, there were only 46.8 percent who said they would vote for Polis, giving him a less than five-point advantage over his Republican challenger Heidi Ganahal.

Republican and current CU Regent Heidi Ganahal announced, at Rosie’s Diner, that she will run for governor of Colorado on September 14, 2021 at Colorado’s Memorial. (RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

The survey showed that 42.1 percent would vote for Ganahal. There were also 4.3 percent who said they would vote for Kevin Raskuski and another 5.8 percent said they chose “others” or were undecided.

Recently, the police Bewitched That woke Disney and Twitter to move their headquarters to Colorado to avoid government surveillance as the two companies continue to dispute with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. When he was ready to be re-elected, he was more than likely to make a name for himself, because Polis’ suggestion to make states less regulated to companies is a reversal of Democrats’ conservative position on the over-regulating business.

He said that the awakened corporations would be exempt from government oversight in Colorado.

Recently the University of Virginia Center for Politics acknowledged that Ganahal is a “credible opponent” because he is a state board of regent member and is “well positioned” in the race.

Trafalgar Group vote Held between 15 and 19 August, there were 1,087 potential 2022 general election voters. The survey also saw a margin of error of 2.9 percent and a confidence level of 95 percent.

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