Elephant rips handler in half after working in extreme heat in Thailand: Report


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An elephant ripped its handler in half with its teeth southern thailand According to a report, last week it was built to carry wood in hot weather.

Thai news outlet Thaigar reported that the body of 32-year-old Supachai Wongfad was found lying in a pool of blood after police retaliated at a rubber plantation in Phang Nga province.

Police said that a male 20-year-old an elephant named pom palmo Hit the man several times with his teeth, slashing his body in half.

A preliminary inquiry found that Supachai brought the elephant to the plantation that morning to carry wood, the outlet reported citing the police.

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A male Asian elephant, as pictured above, reportedly attacked his handler in southern Thailand.
(Diptendu Dutta/AFP via Getty Images, file)

the police said hot weather Maybe the animal has “married” and attacked the man.

As per reports, livestock officials had to sedate the elephant with a dart from more than 1600 feet away so that Supachai’s carcass could be recovered.

Another incident happened last month in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. Police suspect that the elephant, in that case, stressed out from work, stabbed its handler to death and stood over his corpse for hours, the outlet reported.

Duncan McNair, CEO of the Save the Asian Elephants charity, told Newsweek that Asian Elephant Mentally Suffered and physically when broken and forced to work in extreme activities such as logging.

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,[It] Yet another clear reminder that Asian elephants have always been wild animals that can attack and kill if abused or overly stressed by humans,” McNair said.

Despite the 1989 practice of using Asian elephants to carry logs in Thailand, it still occurs in some parts of the country, according to the outlet.


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