Ethics watchdog calls for investigation of Dinah Titus for allegedly abusing House proxy voting rules


A federal ethics watchdog group called on the Congressional Ethics Office (OCE) to “immediately investigate” the “misuse” of House proxy voting rules by vulnerable Nevada Democrat Representative Dina Titus, claiming she was “ongoing”. The reason was unable to vote in person. pandemic, despite participating in in-person campaign events.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) called for an investigation into Titus for voting by proxy 114 times by August 18, while repeatedly participating in political events for his congressional re-election campaign himself on Twitter. posting pictures of.

The watchdog explained that Titus filed a letter with the House clerk saying she was “unable to be physically present in the House Chamber due to a public health emergency” and assigned her the ability to vote for a different member. However, in many such instances, Titus contradicted his statements by campaigning for re-election or by participating in political events.

The complaint states the few times Titus personally participated in campaigns or political events, while “unable to be physically involved in the proceedings”:

Titus on January 12 voted by proxy, but her campaign paid for a meal at the National Democratic Club the same day, according for his Federal Election Commission filings. The National Democratic Clubhouse is only a few blocks away from the chamber where he would have voted.

Titus on June 13 filed A letter to vote by proxy but posted pictures on social media on the same day show He attended a political event and spoke:

On June 14, Titus again voted By proxy and — same day — posted photos to social media show She participated in an individual event, which FACT identified as a campaign program:

On August 12, Titus again voted By proxy and posted pictures on social media on the same day show She attended an individual event, which FACT identified as a campaign event, and met with residents:

The complaint explained the ability for lawmakers to vote proxy:

On May 15, 2020, the Sergeant-at-Arms was authorized the ability to vote by proxy at any time after the Speaker of the House notified that “a public health emergency due to the novel coronavirus is in effect.” Thus, the use of a proxy vote must have been intended to cause a “public health emergency” and the process of proxy voting was not authorized for any other purpose,

Additionally, the complaint states that House ethics rules require lawmakers to “conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is credibly reflective of the House”, which is a “broad provision” that stipulates that law Applies to any action taken in the official capacity of the manufacturer.

In addition, it noted that lawmakers must comply with all House ethics rules, which will include rules adopted “to ensure Congress continues to act during COVID-19”. allowed to to members vote By proxy “due to a public health emergency caused by the novel coronavirus.”

Kendra Arnold, executive director of FACT, said in a statement:

The ability to vote by proxy was established so that the House could continue to perform essential functions during a public health emergency and without any other reason. This is evidenced by the fact that in order to vote by proxy, a member must file a statement with the House Clerk declaring that the cause of the proxy vote is related to the pandemic, and if so, Member is doing so. A false statement to the house clerk. We encourage the Congressional Office of Ethics to immediately investigate whether Representative Titus has violated these House rules and, if so, apply the appropriate penalties.

A full copy of the FACT complaint against the Landsman can be found at Here,

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