Ex-employee shuts down PD website over salary dispute, says City


Newton, Mass – Authorities in a Boston suburb are investigating a former city employee who says the police website was shut down during a pay dispute.

Newton Mayor Ruthan Fuller said the former employee, who was the police department’s director of information technology, shut down the department’s website in late June and July. The website instead directed visitors to a message asking them to contact Fuller and ask the mayor to reinstate it, The Boston Globe reported on Friday.

Fuller said the employee controls access to the site and has not changed it in the city. Newton has instead created a new website for the police department. The old website was no longer active on Sunday.

Fuller told the Globe in a statement earlier this week that the employee laid off “an important resource for residents of the City of Newton.” The Globe reported that the employee notified city officials in March that he was leaving. The employee realized he was owed $137,000 in compensatory time off at the time the website was shut down, the newspaper reported.

The employee said in a statement that he was “disappointed by the city’s representation of the facts in this case” and that he would work with the city to resolve the issue.


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