Florida Police Officers Prevent Pregnant Woman From Entering Emergency Room: Report


Two Florida police officers are being investigated after a pregnant woman was prevented from entering a hospital emergency room, according to news outlets.

Miami-Dade police officers said on Monday they were aware of a July 28 video that showed a pregnant woman, Sabrina Enciso, trying to enter the West Campus of Jackson Memorial Hospital. WSVN reported,

She said a doctor had ordered her a tour because of the pain of an accident the day before.

When they reached the hospital, two officers blocked the entrance as they were talking to each other through their vehicles.

WSVN reported that Kevin respected the officers for getting out of the way.

One officer left, but another officer, Daniels, changed the situation to a traffic stop.

Daniels tells Kevin to get out of the car because he refuses to show his license and demands to speak to the officer’s supervisor.

The Enkiso family said the officer violated his civil rights during the stop.

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