I don’t understand people who continue to support ‘sociopath’ Trump


Novelist, Hollywood producer, and left-wing Trump-basher Stephen King says he doesn’t understand why people continue to support former President Donald Trump, because he believes “most people are good, ” And Trump is a “terrible person” who “engaged in” criminal behavior. ,

“I think most people are good,” King said recently. Interview with Sunday Times, “Most guys will make you take your shirt off your back.”

“I think Trump was a terrible president and a terrible person,” he said. “I think he really did engage in criminal behavior and, of course, I thought he was a sociopath who tried to overturn American democracy not out of any political will, but because he could not accept that he was defeated.”

So, King finds himself in a conundrum because he doesn’t understand how Americans can still support the 45th president, because he believes most people are good.

“I don’t really understand the people who continue to support [Trump]The surprised novelist said.

King – who has essentially accused Republicans who support Trump of being anti-American – also acknowledged Sunday Times He believes a man “driving a pickup truck with Trump and NRA stickers” will help a stranger stranded on the side of the road in a rainstorm.

“I understand that a guy driving a pickup truck covered with Trump and NRA stickers — you know, take my rifle when you prick it with my cold, dead fingers — will stop and pick up a stranger if he hits a thunderstorm. was in and say: ‘Where are you going, friend?'” he said.

“The man may go out of his way to take her there because the people are nice,” said the king. “I think sometimes when they become a political group that can be a problem.”

King also acknowledged that there is a “strong right wing” in the United States, and that he does not actually believe that they are “fascists”.

“America has a strong right wing, a political right, and they have a megaphone in some media,” he said. “They’re not fascists, but they’re hard-right. They’re definitely climate change denialists, so that’s a real problem.”

Elsewhere in the interview, King shared his opinion on social media, which he called a “poison pill” on issues such as questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election.

However, the author also noted that social media can be “wonderful” when it comes to other issues, and noted its role in fueling the summer 2020 riots over the death of George Floyd.

However, the king may need to practice his precepts.

Last month, he used social media spread fake news About Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) when he tweeted a false claim that the governor signed a bill asking Florida students and professors to record their political views with the state.

King later publicly apologized for promoting fake news.

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