If China controls the waters around Taiwan, they control shipping routes accounting for 50% of global GDP


During an interview with FBN host Maria Bartiromo on Thursday, Representative Michael Waltz (R-FL) warned that if China successfully regained control of the waters around Taiwan, they could face Japan, South Korea and partially Will control shipping routes to Australia, which they estimate to be about 50% of the world’s GDP.

“Well, number one, I’m glad [Pelosi] Gone,” Waltz said. “Not going, as the Biden White House was suggesting, would be a disastrous message to our allies and to Taiwan – and to the Chinese military, that if we weren’t even prepared to travel, what would it mean for our willingness to travel?” Would that mean to protect Taiwan and a thriving democracy? Look, I think it’s important to explain why Taiwan is so important and why it matters to US national and economic security. The Taiwan Strait alone, Maria K. Close to half the world’s shipping flows through East Asia and markets around the world, and 90 percent of the world’s largest container ships flow through the Taiwan Strait. If the Chinese control the waters around Taiwan, those shipping routes would – I mean, I’m sorry, Japan, South Korea, partly in Australia. That’s about 50% of global GDP.”

“And they’re betting that if they have to use military force to take Taiwan, yes, they’re developing the military capability to take out our planes and ships, and the ability of the United States to intervene, But they’re also betting that if they shut down our pharmaceuticals, our food supply, solar panels and wind turbines, which the Left is demanding we buy, if they shut it down from Americans, So they’ll demand that we don’t engage in this way. And they’ll essentially do what the famous army – the Chinese military philosopher, Sun Tzu, always said, that which subdues its enemy without firing a single shot. It is about an economic war before it becomes any sort of military conflict.

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