Imran Khan: Police probe of former Pakistan PM under anti-terror law


Police launched an investigation after Khan vowed “action” against the police chief and a female magistrate during a speech in Islamabad on Saturday, according to police documents seen by CNN.

Khan said, “Listen Director General (Police), we will not let you go, we are going to file a case against you. And madam magistrate you get ready, we will take action against you.” Hundreds of his supporters during a rally organized in support of his former chief of staff Shahbaz Gill, who was arrested earlier this month on sedition charges after he urged soldiers to disobey orders from military leaders.

Khan has alleged that the police tortured Gill in custody, a claim that has gained wide traction among supporters of the former prime minister. Islamabad police on Saturday denied Khan’s allegations, telling CNN that Gill was not tortured.

On Sunday, Islamabad Police tweeted a video of Khan’s speech, saying: “Whoever makes threats or allegations will be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

Khan has not been arrested and has not commented publicly on the investigation. His Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party said the investigation was based on “baseless allegations without any legal basis”.

Khan’s team filed a pre-arrest bail plea in the High Court of Islamabad on Monday, PTI’s media coordinator, Rauf Hassan, told CNN.

“Now if they want to arrest him, they will have to reject the pre-arrest bail. It will now become a legal battle,” Hasan said.

Hundreds of Khan’s supporters gathered outside his house on Saturday night after reports of a police investigation, promising that they would take over the capital if he was taken into custody.

“Imran Khan is our red line,” Told Senior PTI leader and former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday. “Every child and adult of Pakistan will respond to Khan’s call and (Prime Minister) Shahbaz Sharif will be responsible for the consequences that follow.”

live broadcast ban

As tensions escalated, Pakistan’s Electronic Regulatory Authority (PERA) issued an order late Saturday banning Khan’s speeches from being broadcast live on television, citing “hate speech”.

A statement by Pera said Khan was “making baseless allegations and spreading hate speech through his provocative statements against state institutions,” adding the comments were “likely to disturb public peace and tranquility.”

Channels can broadcast their recorded speeches as per the order.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Khan accused the government of temporarily blocking YouTube during his speech on Saturday. “This is not only a gross violation of freedom of expression, but also negatively affects the digital media industry and the livelihood of many people,” he said.

CNN has contacted YouTube and the Pakistani government for comment.

Tensions between Khan and Sharif’s government have escalated since the dramatic ouster of cricketer-turned-populist Imran on April 10. parliamentary no-confidence vote,
mine is Claimed There is a US-led conspiracy against Sharif and the Pakistani military, accusing him of working with Washington to topple his government. The US, Sharif and the Pakistani military have all denied the allegations.
But Khan claims struck a chord In a country with a young population where anti-American sentiment is common and rising cost of living crises, anger at the establishment is rising. Khan’s enduring popularity has translated to recent provincial election victories for his party and he has repeatedly called for a new parliamentary vote at mass rallies held since his expulsion.


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