Israel repulsing Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad after 48 hours of fighting


After 48 hours of fighting, Israel appears to have a decisive upper hand in its fight with the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a terrorist group that is reportedly planning imminent attacks on Israel when the war begins on Friday. was.

Last Monday, Israel arrested a senior PIJ leader in the West Bank. As the PIJ prepared to attack Israel’s Gaza border communities in retaliation, Israel launched On Friday, airstrikes were carried out and killed PIJ leader Taysir al-Jabri. The PIJ then fired hundreds of rockets at civilians in Israel.

In the last two days, PIJ has removed About 600 rockets into Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Of them, about 220 civilians managed to fly towards the population centres. And about 97% of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

Meanwhile, Israeli airstrikes on PIJ targets in Gaza have reportedly been highly successful, which Israel calls Operation Breaking Dawn. The Times of Israel reports that the Israeli military believes it has withdrawn overall leadership Why PIJ?

Apart from injuries related to terror attacks and fleeing to bomb shelters, there have been no Israeli casualties. Meanwhile, about one of the four PIJ rockets misfired and landed in Gaza, killing the Palestinians, including children.

Israel quickly responded to a Palestinian allegation that it had killed several children in an airstrike in Gaza, by providing evidence that they were killed by a PIJ rocket that misfired. International criticism has been silenced.

So far, the Hamas terrorist group that controls Gaza has yet to enter the fray. Egypt is reportedly brokering ceasefire talks between Israel and the PIJ. If the war ends, it will be a significant victory for Israel and a great loss for PIJ and Iran.

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