August 14, 2022

According to the Associated Press, Kari Lake, who in a span of two years transformed herself from a veteran local television news anchor into a tribune of the far-right political movement, won Arizona’s Republican primary for governor.

Ms Lake won over a field that included Karin Taylor Robson – an ally of Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican who defended the results of Arizona’s 2020 election against former President Donald J. defied Trump – and two other candidates.

In the general election, Ms. Lake will face Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of Arizona. Mr Ducey has been banned from seeking re-election.

one in Statement After her race was called on Thursday night, Ms. Lake held on to the election process and Ms. Hobbs claimed victory. “Although the results took longer than they should have, Arizonans who have been forgotten by the establishment have just delivered a political earthquake,” she said.

As she left her Phoenix TV station in the spring of 2021, Ms. Lake began to declare repeatedly that Mr. Trump, who had backed her that fall, had been betrayed to a second term in office. After spending 25 years in local television, he accused the news media of being corrupt.

The contest for governor was the latest primary to become a proxy war between Mr Trump and established Republican power brokers.

for example Maryland And Illinois, where Trump-backed candidates outnumbered rivals backed by local GOP officials, Ms. Lake’s victory signaled the dwindling power of party donors and television spending. Ms. Taylor Robson, a developer who served on the Arizona Board of Regents, paid massively for her campaign, spending millions more on TV advertising than Ms. Lake.

But in the end, Mr Trump’s endorsement proved to be more valuable than anything Ms Taylor Robson could buy.

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