Live Updates: Russia’s War in Ukraine


Shops opened in Svirsk, eastern Ukraine. (Nick Robertson/CNN)

There are many observations to be made about this Ukraine, But on a recent road trip, one thing comes to the fore – how vast is the country.

Three weeks of driving from south to east through frontline villages, towns, back ditches and hedgerows in this vast country, the strategic equivalent of this war’s high ground, is an education, and one that Russian President Vladimir Putin can use.

Nearly six months later, the disastrous war they started is coming to a halt. Scenes reminiscent of the trench warfare of World War I and the incremental gains and deaths associated with it are taking hold.

The nearly 1,000-mile-long war front opened by Putin has hardened, but the country behind is deep, and for the most part unheard.

Thirty miles from the front, the lawns of the city are still being cut, While in the capital Kyiv hundreds of miles away, fancy restaurants have reopened, with fine wines and chilled champagne available, and freshly caught Mediterranean fish on the menu.

It’s a thick land, fertile Fields and proud crops Enriched by rain and sunshine. If strategic depth is behind the front lines, Ukraine has untapped funds available.

Perhaps most shocking is the number of men of military age across the country who have not yet committed to fighting. Ukraine is at war, but so far it doesn’t seem like it, everything. Some of Ukraine’s potential fighting forces are in bunkers buried in tree lines overlooking Russian forces.

Cobblers, writers, artists, teachers, businessmen, journalists, even the former McDonald’s franchise CEO are blocking Putin’s pushback, but when the government needs it there are many more who are called in. can go.

The great thing is that this isn’t a war that’s going to end fast, it’s not even clear whether the real defining battle has begun.

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