Man who allegedly slapped Rudy Giuliani on the back charged with assault, court records show


ShopRite employee Danielle Gill slapped giuliani on the back and said, “What’s up, scoundrel?” The New York Police Department told CNN when he was at the supermarket in Staten Island on Sunday.

Giuliani told WABC Radio’s Curtis Sliva on his radio show on Sunday that during the incident, “I go into the men’s room, I come out of the men’s room, a group of people around me are hugging me, kissing me, telling me that Andrew is so nice and suddenly I have my back feeling like someone shot me.”

The former New York mayor and one-time attorney for former President Donald Trump told WABC he went ahead but held himself after the slap. “Lucky I’m a 78-year-old in pretty good shape, because if I hadn’t I would have fallen to the ground and probably cracked my skull,” he said.

The Legal Aid Society, which is representing Gill, said that his client had patted Giuliani and he just wanted to get her attention.

“The allegations facing Daniel Gill, who has no prior contact with the criminal legal system, are inconsistent with existing law. Our client simply patted Mr. Giuliani, who merely posed physical, without malice to get his attention. Nothing resembling the injuries, as the video footage clearly shows,” according to the statement.

“Mr. Gill was chased and threatened by one of Mr. Giuliani’s aides, who allegedly chested Mr. Gill and told him he was being ‘locked up.’ was kept in custody for more than 24 hours,” the organization said in the statement.

“Given Mr. Giuliani’s obsession with seeing his name in the press and his demonstrated tendency to distort the truth, we are pleased to correct the record on what actually happened over the weekend on Staten Island.”

A ShopRite spokesperson told CNN in a statement Sunday that it was “aware of an incident, instigated by a store associate associated with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, that occurred earlier today at ShopRite on Veterans Road on Staten Island Was,” adding that “store security witnessed the incident”, reacted swiftly and the police were informed. We have zero tolerance for aggression towards anyone.”

Earlier on Monday, Giuliani called for the perpetrator to be prosecuted and said he would not stop publicly campaigning for his son, Who’s Running for Governor as Republican in New York State. Primary polling is on Tuesday.

According to court records, Gill is scheduled to return to the court on August 17.


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