July 3, 2022

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It was an emotional outing from Northview High School for Sheridan Steelman, and the moment has gone viral since being shared on TikTok.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, teacher started school teaching 50 years ago, when she was 22 years old.

“I thought it would be fun to reach the 50-year mark,” Steelman, 72, told Fox News Digital from Italy, where he’s postponed on a vacation. Two years from COVID-19,

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Miss Steelman of Grand Rapids, Michigan, ends her last day as a teacher after 50 years. (tiktok/@katherinemanhattan)

COVID, too, almost derailed his plan to mark the 50 years. “Teaching changed a lot during that time,” she said.

But, Steelman decided, “If I was still enjoying myself and the students were still getting a lot out of me, I would stay.” She was, and she was. And so on his last day of school, he asked his principal to kick him out the door.

“It made me feel like a million dollars.”

— Sheridan Steelman

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They did, but not before teachers and students gathered to line up in the hallways. were hugging and there were some tears, as can be seen on tiktok videos Posted by Katherine Steelman, Steelman’s daughter. The footage has been viewed more than 6.1 million times since it was shared on June 1.

“It was great to see my students, it was such a beautiful thing,” Steelman said. “It made me feel like a million dollars.”

She said that she feels for teachers who have left the profession in recent years. because of the pandemic Those who were not given the same kind of farewell.

Steelman dropped out of school on the last day of his 50-year teaching career.  (tiktok/@katherinemanhattan)

Steelman dropped out of school on the last day of his 50-year teaching career. (tiktok/@katherinemanhattan)

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The video, Steelman said, “is a tribute to the teaching.”

When asked what she is going to miss the most, the literature teacher named her students as well as her “inspirational” colleagues.

“Every day we [my students and I] Discovered literature together and had a wonderful back-and-forth exchange. I will miss reading and learning with them,” she said. “I will keep learning, but it will be different.”

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