Montenegro mourns after 10 killed in road attack


CETINJE, Montenegro — Montenegro declared three days of national mourning on Saturday, a day after 10 people, including two children, were killed in broad daylight by a 34-year-old gunman, police said due to a recent “change in behavior”. was performed.

The attacker first used a hunting rifle to shoot two children, 8 and 11, and their mother, who lived as a tenant in their home in the Medovina neighborhood of the western city of Cetinje. He then went out into the street and randomly shot 13 more people, seven of whom died. The gunman was later gunned down after an encounter with the police.

Police investigating the violence issued a statement on Saturday saying it was still unclear what prompted the gunman – identified only by his initials VB, but said people close to the attacker said he had recently He had recently “began to exhibit a change in behavior, but there was nothing that indicated he could. commit such a crime.” The attacker had an appointment to see a mental health care specialist, but became furious before that.

The police statement also said that law enforcement officers sent to the scene were attacked by the assailant and retaliated by firing at him at least 20 times and seriously injuring him.

“It is still being investigated whether his death was caused by grievous hurt (by police) or as a result of shooting by a local civilian,” the statement said.

Prosecutor Andrijana Nastic, coordinating the investigation, told reporters Friday that the gunman was killed by a passerby and that a police officer was among the wounded. He said that nine of those killed died on the spot and two died in hospital.

Witnesses of the attack were struggling to deal with the situation of the massacre on Saturday. He described scenes of chaos and terror as the gunman vented his fury at innocent people going about their daily business on a hot summer afternoon.

“You can hear women crying, people shouting in panic that a man has a weapon and is firing indiscriminately. I heard gunshots,” said witness Milena Stanojevic. “I have seen a lot of crying, tears and sadness and today, silence and disbelief.”

Cetinje, a city of 17,000 people and the seat of the former imperial government of Montenegro, is 36 kilometers (22 mi) west of Podogrica, the current capital of the small Balkan nation.

Four of the injured were transferred to the Clinical Center in Podgorica for surgery and were still in intensive care on Saturday, its chief neurosurgeon Dr. According to Ivan Terzik. Two others had less serious injuries and were recovering at a hospital in Cetinje.


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