New York Times Report: The ‘American Dream’ Is Being ‘Distorted – Especially by Republicans of Color’


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New York Times reporter Jazmine Uloa published an article on Sunday about how the term “American dream” has been distorted by minority Republicans.

“A touchstone of political and social discourse, the nearly 100-year-old phrase “the American dream,” is being reconstructed — what critics say distorted — especially by Republicans of color,” read the subtitle of Uloa’s piece.

“For decades, politicians have used the phrase ‘The American Dream’ to describe economic opportunity and upward mobility, the promise of prosperity through hard work,” she wrote.

“Now, a new crop of Republican candidate And elected officials are using the phrase in a different way, implementing the same promise but arguing in speeches, advertisements and mailings that the American dream is dying or in danger, which they see as rampant crime, Uncontrolled illegal immigration is viewed as cumbersome by government regulations. and liberal social policies,” Uloa continued.

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Ulloa wrote, “Many of these are people of Republican color—including immigrants and children of immigrants, for whom the phrase first popularized in 1931 has a deep resonance.”

“For older politicians, the ‘American dream’ was a supremely optimistic rhetorical device, although it often obscured the economic and racial barriers that made it impossible for many,” she continued.

Now, however, Uloa argued, “for Republican candidates to embrace it today, the phrase has taken on an ominous and more pessimistic tone.” He compared the message of Republican congressional candidates to the former President Donald Trumpwho declared during the launch of his first campaign in 2015 that “the American dream is dead”.

“Just as many Trump supporters have tried to turn the American flag into a symbol of authority, these Republicans have sought to claim the phrase as their own, as a spinoff of the Make America Great Again slogan. Is reproduced,” Uloa wrote.

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The skyline of Downtown Manhattan can be seen in New York City, US, August 21, 2021.

The skyline of Downtown Manhattan can be seen in New York City, US, August 21, 2021.
(Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

The author acknowledged that former presidents Barack Obama And Bill Clinton also campaigned on jeopardizing the American dream, but argued that “what has changed is that some Republicans now approach the position more strictly, putting the threat dream in a broader sense of attack.” Using the line as an argument that the Democrats have made patriotism controversial.”

“Television ads for more than a dozen Republican candidates in statewide, House and Senate campaigns — more than half of whom are people of color — cite the phrase, according to ad-tracking firm, AdImpact,” Ulloa wrote.

“Republicans rely on the phrase the extent to which the party is diversifying its ranks and recruiting candidates with powerful coming-of-age stories,” she acknowledged.

However, he cited some who accuse these Republicans of “distorting” the American dream.

Rep. Myra Flores, R-Texas, was among the conservative stars at CPAC Texas 2022.

Rep. Myra Flores, R-Texas, was among the conservative stars at CPAC Texas 2022.
(Fox News Photo/Joshua Comins)

“But historians and other scholars warn that some Republicans are distorting a defining American idea and turning it into a boycott political message,” he wrote, quoting Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University, who claimed, “The Republican Party is using it. As a dog whistle. They’re here to say what potential you have, if we can get others out of ‘stealing’ you.”

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In the final paragraph, Uloa reveals, “Yet Democrats find themselves speaking of dreams as pessimistically as Republicans. Just as Republicans blame Democrats for destroying the American dream, Democrats believe That’s the fault with the Republicans.”


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