Party City is Hiring 20,000 People in Anticipation of a Fabulous Halloween


The seller of themed party products, clothing, decorations and other items said it has put its seasonal hiring ahead of apparel festivities as it anticipates Halloween sales to be stronger this year as the festivities pick up with pre-pandemic fervor. come back.

Party City is hiring 20,000 employees in the coming weeks, which is more than the number of new employees hired in previous years during this time period. The retailer hired 17,000 employees ahead of the Halloween season last year.

The new positions, including team leaders, supervisors, sales and stock associates and cashiers, will be available in more than 750 Party City retail stores and 150 Halloween City pop-up locations nationwide. The chain is opening more Halloween City pop-ups than in previous years, increasing the need for more employees.

The company said that about 10% to 15% of these temporary employees will be offered permanent jobs at the end of the season.

Movies like Top Gun: Maverick and Hocus Pocus 2 will inspire plenty of Halloween costumes this year.

in the mood to celebrate

Celebrations of all kinds are back as more families regain their pre-pandemic lifestyles and COVID restrictions continue to rest,

“There’s been a lot of demand and people are ready to celebrate,” said Odette Welling, vice president of merchandising at Party City.

Specifically for Halloween, Welling said customers are already picking up decorations and costumes well, and some clear favorites have emerged.

She said two decorative items are already standouts: a 7-foot animatronic talking lava demon with fog effects and an animatronic zombie raccoon that pops out of a trash can.

“Yorick, our 5-foot skeleton is always very popular,” Welling said. “Yorick is already selling very well over the last year. We want to say we have a Yorick for every home in America.”

Movies and social media will again influence the costume trend this year. “Jurassic World, Hocus Pocus 2, Top Gun costumes will be big,” she said. “The costumes have been a huge success even before the Top Gun sequel.”

This animatronic raccoon popping out of the trash is one of Party City's top Halloween vendors.This animatronic raccoon popping out of the trash is one of Party City's top Halloween vendors.

Celebrities and their social media antics have also inspired costumes in 2022. “Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding is one example. We have full chest tattoos for Halloween this year.”

One item that’s already in great demand — thanks to Harry Styles wearing it during last week’s Madison Square Garden concert — is a Party City pink cowboy hat.

“Sales for that feathered hat have gone up,” Welling said.


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