Paul Newman’s daughters sued late actor’s charity foundation


Hartford, Conn. (AP) — A new lawsuit has uncovered a deep rift between Paul Newman’s two daughters and the late actor’s charitable foundation, funded by profits from Newman’s own line of food and beverage products.

The daughters, Susan Kendall Newman and Nell Newman, allege that their own charitable organizations must both receive $400,000 per year from the Newman’s Own Foundation under a mandate by their father, but the foundation has halved those payments in recent years. Have given.

He filed a lawsuit Tuesday in state court in Stamford, Connecticut, seeking $1.6 million in damages for donating his foundation to charitable charities.

The daughters say their father, who started the Newman’s Own Foundation three years before his death in 2008, allowed the foundation to use his name and likeness — but only on several conditions in which the two daughters’ foundations would be awarded $ 400,000 per annum.

Susan Kendall Newman, who lives in Oregon, and Nell Newman, of California, worry that the foundation is setting the stage for them to completely remove how some of the profits from Newman’s own products are donated to charity. He also accused the foundation of “contradicting” his father’s wishes and intentions over the years.

Joan Woodward and Paul Newman in 2004.

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Andy Lee, a New York City attorney for daughters, said in a statement, “No one should feel that the legacy of a departed loved one is being disrespected, just as the Newman’s Own Foundation disregarded Paul Newman’s daughters.” Is.” ,

“This lawsuit does not seek individual compensation for Mr. Newman’s daughters, but seeks to hold (Newman’s Own Foundation) accountable for the charities that have been reduced by them in recent years and ensure that they will be protected in the future.” Get an increased level of support. With Mr. Newman’s wish,” he said.

The Newman’s Own Foundation has yet to file a response to the lawsuit in court but has issued a statement.

“Best practices surrounding philanthropic organizations do not allow for the establishment of permanent funding allocations for anyone, including Nell and Susan Newman,” the statement said. “A meritless lawsuit based on this faulty will would only divert money from those who benefit from the generosity of Paul Newman.”

The Foundation continued, “While we look forward to continuing to make recommendations of the Newman family to eligible organizations, our funding decisions are made each year and in line with the clear purpose of Paul Newman and best practices governing private foundations.” Will continue to reflect our responsibility towards

Paul Newman, who lived in Westport with his wife, actor Joan Woodward, created the Newman’s Own brand in 1982, with all profits going to charity. Today the product line includes frozen pizza, salsas, salad dressings and pasta sauces, as well as dog food and pet treats.

In his will, Paul Newman left his estate to his wife and the Newman’s Own Foundation.

Newman’s Own, the product company, is a subsidiary of the Newman’s Own Foundation, a non-profit organization. The foundation says more than $570 million has been given to thousands of charities since 1982.

As of 2020 tax records, the foundation had over $24 million in income and paid out $11.5 million in contributions, gifts and grants. Operating and administrative expenses totaled approximately $4.5 million.

According to her daughters’ lawsuit, the Newman’s Own Foundation wrote to her only four days after her father’s death, saying it would reserve the right to stop allocating money to charities identified by the daughters. The lawsuit states that it contradicted Paul Newman’s explicit instructions to the foundation.


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