Pennsylvania emotional support alligator ready for ‘America’s favorite pet’


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A Pennsylvania crocodile is in the running for America’s favorite pet.

Valigator, a 7-year-old reptile that lives in york city And reportedly “loves to hug,” is currently leading a new pet popularity contest—America’s Favorite Pet Kingdom—that includes animals of all shapes, sizes, and species.

It is currently unknown how many votes Validator has, but Beast has a dedicated TikTok for over 68,100 people.

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Validator’s TikTok bio says he is a “licensed emotional support animal” and that his owner reportedly operates a reptile rescue.

The Favorite Pet Contest involves a round of online votes to determine which animal will be crowned the winner.

Votes are free to cast at, with one or two votes per day depending on the verification method chosen.

Alternatively, people can choose to vote 10 to 250 through a monetary donation, which will benefit the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (also known as – a non-profit shelter and rehabilitation based in Linwood, Washington. organization.

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If Valigator wins America’s Favorite Pet Animal Kingdom, he will receive a $10,000 prize and two page spread InTouch Magazine.

Just behind Validator in terms of votes is a chinchilla named Churro, a rescue dog named Hank, and a wild mustang named Sundance “Sunny” Kidd.

Dozens of other animals are in the running, but the first round of voting will be narrow Top 20 Pets According to the competition’s website, on September 1st at 7PM PDT, which has a live countdown.

Fox News Digital contacted the owners of America’s Favorite Pet and Validator for comment.

Vallygator’s owners started posting videos of his adventures on his TikTok account – @WallyTheAlligator – from April 2022.

The account suggests that the Valigator walks on leash, swims with humans and allows people hug him and kiss.

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Youth crocodile giving emotional support According to Validator’s competitor profile on America’s Favorite Pet website, one of its owners has been diagnosed with cancer.

Crocodiles are large semiaquatic reptiles in the order Crocodiles. They are in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae.

“The Valigator is a wonderful creature,” its owner wrote on the site, explaining why they think the Valigator should win the contest.

“he senses [people’s] Embraces emotions and people to try to please,” the owner of the Validator continued. “He has come with me to radiation and have made other patients and doctors and nurses happy.”

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The valigator reportedly stays at his owner’s house and his favorite dishes are paneer puff corn and raw chicken.

“At night he likes to climb on my bed and steal my covers and pillows,” wrote his owner. “The validator has tried to bring my blanket with him to his pond!”

It is not illegal to own an alligator as a pet in Pennsylvania. Although releasing them into the wild is illegal, Penn Live wrote in August 2021 as the outlet reported that 25 crocodiles had been found in the state in the nearly 21 years since 2000.

In 2019, Joey Heaney – who is reportedly one of the owners of Validator – told that he was asked to use Validator as an emotional support animal after Heaney did not go on medication for depression. Got approval from your doctor.


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