PS5 Re-stocked at Walmart Today: How to Get Your Bundle


Still scouring the internet wasteland for a chance to buy a PS5? Your next best bet is to visit Walmart’s website. The retailer will have a PS5 bundle in stock today, and as always, you’ll have to be a Walmart+ member to score one.

Starting today (23 August) 3 p.m. ETNear Walmart $549 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle in stock exclusively for Walmart+ Member. This bundle includes the standard PS5 with a disc drive, and you also get a copy of Sony’s popular Horizon Forbidden West game that launched earlier this year. It’s $49 more expensive than buying the PS5 itself, but you’ll also get one best ps5 games right out of the box.

This PS5 bundle gets you the standard disc-based PS5 as well as a copy of Sony’s acclaimed Horizon Forbidden West game.

Iconic PS5 Stock Tracker matt sweder of shortcut There are reports that the standard PS5 disc may also go on sale on its own today, but as of this writing, the $549 Horizon bundle is the only one officially confirmed to go up at 3 p.m. We expect this restock to go on fast. So make sure you’re logged into Walmart ahead of time and have all of your relevant payment information ready to go.

Walmart+ Essentially Walmart’s answer to Amazon Prime, you get free shipping, free delivery from local Walmart stores and early access to deals and console drops for $12.95 per month or $98 per year. While a 30-day free trial is available, you’ll need to be a paid member to participate in this PS5 drop.

PS5 restocks have been fairly common as of late, though they’re often exclusive to those who signed up for the premium service. Walmart frequently drops Walmart+ while GameStop recently did an in-store restock who gave his powerup pro Member first dibs. On Amazon, you can request an invite For future PS5 drops in store, whether you’re a Prime member or not. As always, we’ll all be on top of the latest PS5 Restock UpdateSo be sure to check back on Underscore for more.


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