Ted Cruz blasts Iran nuclear deal, vows to reverse


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday downplayed the prospect of a new Iran nuclear deal, as Iran agreed to drop some of its demands and rumors of an impending deal.

“A year ago Joe Biden gave Afghanistan to the Taliban,” Cruz said in a statement. “Now he intends to give Iran a nuclear arsenal. … The Iranian terrorism enabled by this deal will kill thousands of people. The nuclear arsenal it provides to the Ayatollah could result in the death of tens of millions of people.”

The original Iran deal came after years of sanctions – opposed by then-President Barack Obama – that eventually convinced Iran to come to the negotiating table. However, the US lifted several sanctions as a precondition for talks, allowing Iran’s economy to recover and reducing the West’s leverage against the regime. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to the US to warn Congress that unless the deal punished Iran for its terror activities, it would be ineffective.

Obama ignored Netanyahu and reached a deal that slowed Iran’s nuclear research, making Iran a nuclear power after nearly a decade. As promised by Obama – the deal did not include a ban on ballistic missile development; It also did not address Iran’s terrorism. Nor did it provide for full disclosure of Iran’s past nuclear activities. It gave the regime sanctions relief and access to $150 billion in foreign assets, plus billions in cash for American prisoners.

As required by the US Constitution, the agreement was never submitted to the Senate for ratification. Obama agreed to the passage of the Iran Nuclear Deal Review Act, which required Congress to approve the deal with an equal majority, but Democrats rejected the motion in the Senate. Meanwhile, Iran sent money to terrorist proxies – and continued to work on its nuclear program. Netanyahu, citing a stolen intelligence unit, said, performance That Iran had cheated in the deal.

President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in May 2018, and applied “maximum pressure” on the regime, using sanctions not only on Iran’s nuclear program, but also because of its human rights abuses. Iran began to enrich uranium at an accelerated rate, but Trump assembled a coalition of allied nations in the Middle East, threatened by Iran’s nuclear ambitions, that would eventually lead to the Abraham Agreement, an agreement between Israel and several Arab and Muslim states. Leading to the peace agreement.

When President Joe Biden took office, he vowed to renew the nuclear deal. As Iran pulled off talks, it continued to enrich uranium, approaching a nuclear “breakout”. Although the Biden administration acknowledged that Iran has little interest in honest talks, it continues to hold talks, appeasing regimes in Yemen and elsewhere – although the US refused to accede to demands that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard be called. Corps (IRGC) to be removed as one. terrorist group.

Cruz warned on Monday that any new agreement with the regime would only risk more fraud, and would allow Iran to emerge as a nuclear power in exchange for unreasonable sanctions relief. “This deal will pardon Iran … from past fraud, while enabling it to continue into the future. It reiterates the unspeakable stupidity of the previous deal by legitimizing the regime’s nuclear program.” He vowed to work with allies in the Senate to block the deal and ensure its reversal in a new administration.

This week, Iran reportedly Agreed To drop its demand to list IRGC as a terrorist group. This has fueled speculation about an impending deal – so much so that Israel’s Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, announced That he would travel to the US in an effort to persuade US officials not to settle with Iran. Israel has long reserved the right to launch unilateral attacks against Iran’s nuclear program, viewing any Iranian nuclear program as an existential threat.
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