The 14 Best Tool Boxes of 2022 for DIY Home Projects & More


When it comes to choosing the right toolbox or tool organization system, there are several factors to consider, say professional organizers Ann Lightfoot and co-founders Kate Pavlowski. done and home and author of the upcoming book, “love your home again,

“Equipment organization is highly dependent on how much space is available and how often time is spent working at home,” he says. “There are many different types of systems that work well for devices, but finding the right one is the key to functionality and efficiency.”

Tool organization systems fall into three main categories: wall systems, standing tool chests, and smaller transportable options such as tool boxes, tool belts, and tool vests. With the help of Lightfoot, Pawlowski and other experts, we’ve rounded up the best option for every type of tool user.

“For the serious DIYer who spends a ton of time working on home projects and who has a garage, basement, or shed, a wall system is a great option,” say Lightfoot and Pawlowski. “Large tools like drills and saws can be hung up and remain visible and accessible.”

at $1,937.50 container store

“In our opinion,” Lightfoot and Pavlovsky say, “the ultimate in organizing system is the Elfa Utility Garage System with Workstation from The Container Store. It not only has a pegboard system, it’s equipped with drawers, shelves, and racks for tools, games, and more. Also comes with tools and accessories for the yard. It’s the gold standard for organizing a garage or workshop!”

at $139.99 heroine

Torac Pegboard Wall Organizer

Those looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to wall-mounted tool storage should consider the dependable pegboard, which offers plenty of flexibility for a reasonable price. “We love pegboard systems because they can accommodate a wide variety of tools and accessories and are highly customizable,” Lightfoot and Pavlowski say. “Hooks and pegs can be added if needed to keep up with a changing collection.”

“If wall space is limited but a system is needed, a standing tool chest works best,” Lightfoot and Pavlovsky say. “Many drawers hold everything from hammers and screwdrivers to nails and drill bits. They don’t take up a ton of space, but do contain and classify random items.”

“When people don’t need the entire system but have a few tools for smaller projects, a standard tool box will work,” Lightfoot and Pavlowski say. “It can be tucked away in a closet and will keep common items like screwdrivers or hammers accessible but out of the way.”

Lucy Durtnall, Founder TF Toolssays, “Tool organization and carry systems have evolved immensely over the past two decades. We want to function better, take care of our bodies and not feel ruined by the end of a day on site. She urges people to consider tool belts when looking for a tool organization system, because, she says, “Tool belts that provide back support are both efficient and comfortable. Kits on your body with a toolbelt system.” Having it means it is accessible and therefore saves time.”

From $344.90 heroine or at $371 TF Tools

Occidental Leather 5089 M Seven Bag Framer

Tool belts come in a variety of fabrications, typically nylon and leather. When choosing which one is right for you, Durtnall says, “it comes down to personal preference over beauty because each brand has its own unique style.” If a leather tool belt is right for you, she says “Occidental Leather’s bestseller is the 5089 Seven Framer Rig that works in conjunction with 5055 suspenders for added comfort and support that provide great carry capacity and excellent tool organization. provides.”

at $85 heroine

Diamondback Bere Tote

There are also tote-style options that fall between a tool box and a tool belt. “If you prefer a carry system,” Durtnall says, “the Bare Tote is an open tool bag with an interchangeable panel” that allows the user to configure the bag to fit their collection.


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