US service member under investigation in Italy for fatal car accident


A US service member is under investigation Italy According to Italian media, for allegedly hitting and hitting a drunk teenage boy with his car.

Italian news agency ANSA said the fatal incident took place in the northern city of Porcia on Sunday at around 2:30 a.m. local time. A 20-year-old unnamed American woman stationed at Aveeno Air Base less than 10 miles north of Porcia was reportedly driving back after a night out when she lost control of her vehicle at an intersection. Diya and hit 15-year-old Giovanni Zanier, who was walking home with two friends on a bicycle path across the road. Zainier died, while his friends were not injured, according to ANSA, which cited Italian police.

The driver suffered minor injuries due to broken glass and air bags during the accident. His blood alcohol level was over four times the legal limit, the ANSA reported.

According to ANSA, Italian police placed a US soldier under house arrest at Aveeno Air Base and charged him with vehicular manslaughter.

When asked for comment, a US Air Force spokesman told ABC News on Monday: “We can confirm that there was a vehicular incident with an airman at Aviano Air Base. The Air Force is investigating with local officials.” cooperating.”

This photo, released on August 22, 2022, by the Italian Fire and Rescue Service Viglie del Fuoco, shows a car driven by a US service member that reportedly crashed into the curb at the edge of a crossroads in the northern Italian city of Porcia Went. On August 21, 2022, that resulted in the death of a 15-year-old boy.

AP. Via Viglie del Fuoco

ANSA reported that an Italian judge is expected to decide this week whether the case will be tried in Italy or the United States.

Speaking to Italy’s state-owned public broadcaster RAI, Pordenone prosecutor Raffaele Tito said the Italian Justice Ministry could ask that the American woman be prosecuted in Italy based on her own decision or request by the US to do so. Tito’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News on Tuesday.

If Italian prosecutors charge an American woman, US officials can invoke jurisdiction as part of an Italian-American military treaty under the auspices of NATO. US military officers could have commanded the prosecution in that case. But at the moment there was no indication that Italy’s justice minister would intervene.

According to ANSA, the city council of Porcia recently ordered street lights at the site where the accident occurred at 2 a.m. local time, but Italian police said the accident probably could not have been averted even with the lights on.

ABC News’ Christine Theodoro contributed to this report.


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