VA Police: Over a dozen injured in car crash at pub


Arlington, VA – More than a dozen people were injured, four of whom are in critical condition, after a vehicle crashed into a pub and restaurant in northern Virginia, officials said.

Media outlets reported that the accident at the Four Courts establishment in Ireland, which happened in the early hours of Friday evening, also caught fire, which was quickly extinguished.

Officials said eight people were taken to hospital, while six others were treated at the scene and released, according to Arlington County Police and the county fire department.

Mary Reilly, who worked at the pub, said she was in the back of the building when “we all heard a bang, an explosion, so I just turned around and I saw all the debris coming towards the back of the pub.”

The pub had about 30 patrons and staff members at the time, and as “pure panic broke out,” Reilly said, people ran to the back.

Arlington Police spokeswoman Ashley Savage did not immediately provide details about the cause of the accident, which occurred on busy Wilson Boulevard a few miles from the district line for the District of Columbia. Savage said the driver was among those taken to the hospital.

While the building remained structurally sound, Savage said, it was unclear when the pub would reopen.


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