Veteran Liberal Rep. Jerry Nadler wins controversial New York primary race


New York Buoyed by voters’ appreciation of his clashes with former President Donald Trump and numerous high-profile endorsements, Rep. jerry nadlerAn influential progressive member of Congress won a thumping Democratic primary for New York’s 12th Congressional District.

Nadler, the one-story man on Manhattan’s Upper West Side who replaced Trump as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, defeated Rep. Carolyn Maloneytheir counterparts on the Upper East Side, and Suraj PatelA lawyer and former Obama administration official who has challenged Maloney twice in the past.

“Jerry Nadler is smart, serious and makes sense for that district,” said New York City progressive strategist Alexis Grenell.

“He’s a rockstar,” she said. “It’s because of the overly busy – very Jewish – district that sees voting participation as another holy day. It’s a High Holy Day and Jerry appears for the actual High Holy Days as well.”

In November, Nadler faces Republican candidate Michael Zumbluskas. But in a heavily Democratic district that encompasses the heart of Manhattan — from Midtown to the upper border of Central Park — Nadler is guaranteed a 16th term in Congress.

The saga of Nadler’s fiery battle with Maloney, another three-decade incumbent and chair of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, began three months earlier. Supreme Court of New York ruled at the end of April That Congress and state Senate maps prepared by New York’s Democratic-dominated state legislature violated a 2014 amendment to the state constitution by excluding the redrawing of district boundaries for the benefit of a specific party.

The new maps, drawn up by a court-appointed special master, squeezed Nadler and Maloney’s homes – and constituencies – into a single district on opposite sides of Central Park.

Immediately, the showdown between the Big Dipper rivals escalated. personal and bitter, Nadler admitted that he had initially tried to persuade Maloney to run in another district. Maloney, who sold voters on the importance of sending a woman Back in Congress, it also complained that it was superficial for Nadler and his allies to outline their status as the last remaining Jewish representative The House of New York City.

The tussle between Maloney and Nadler never subsided. Nadler used a “red box” on your campaign website signal to super pac To attack Maloney’s history Vaccine dabbling in doubt, And over the weekend, Maloney told a television reporter that Nadler is old,

All the drama provided an opening for Patel, who had made his debut third run He portrayed his fierce mudslinging against Maloney in February as one of several indicators that veteran lawmakers had passed their sale dates.

“The incumbents have had 30 years. They failed us,” he said in campaign advertising, “That’s why we need to choose new Democrats.”

Patel’s candidacy has never looked more compelling since the first televised debate of three candidates earlier this month. That night, Patel was the only candidate clearly state His support for the re-election of President Joe Biden. Maloney predicted that Biden would not run for re-election, and Nadler declined to include the question, claiming it was important to hold one election at a time, although they both went back to it shortly after.

In two debates, Patel’s performance won over Molly Cantor, an Upper East Side resident who works in health care.

“I thought, ‘This guy’s too young. And he’s not as experienced as these other guys. But I’m not sure where all that experience got us right now,'” Cantor told HuffPost on Tuesday. Looks like we need some new people out there to become Experienced because the world is changing and the 70-year-old – they have done what they can. ,

But in addition to touting his anti-Trump credentials and roots on the Upper West Side, Nadler argued that losing two influential committee chairs, instead of just one, would deprive the district of valuable influence in Washington.

“Congress operates on seniority, and the more seniority you have, the more clout you have,” he told HuffPost on Tuesday.

Nadler also said that he was more progressive than Maloney – and unlike Patel, he had the record to prove it. He cited the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, as well as his votes against the Iran nuclear deal, as examples of differences between him and Maloney.

The editorial board of the New York Times noted those stances in support of Nadler on August 13, the day early voting began.

“Mr. Nadler is traditionally liberal in his politics and policy priorities, and is known for taking hard, principled votes,” the newspaper wrote,

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) followed suit. two days later And enough voters shared their decision.

“He has been my congressman for many years, and I appreciate the work he has done,” said Gilda Rothenberg, an apparel industry retiree living in Chelsea.

Rothenberg likes Maloney, and although she called redistribution that forced her to choose the “criminal” between the two lawmakers, she admitted it was out of her hands.

“Unfortunately someone had to win and someone had to lose. That’s how it goes,” she said. “Someone should tell this to Trump.”


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